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Application Information

How to Apply

Applications for Ho‘omāka‘ika‘i will be available on January 2, 2024, in the Admissions Application ‘Ohana Portal. For admissions information, including a link to the portal, please visit the Ho‘omāka‘ika‘i Admissions page.

Application Process

COMPLETE applications only will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. Spaces are limited and NOT all on-time applications are guaranteed a space. Applications must be received by the February 15, 2024 deadline. Late applications will not be accepted.

Conditional Acceptance Email
Students invited to Hoʻomākaʻikaʻi will be emailed their conditional acceptance notification in April. There is no early notification for out-of-state applicants. Conditional acceptance emails will include program details, medical form submission requirements and links to the following items to confirm enrollment:

  • Program Handbook
  • Enrollment Agreement & General Liability Waiver
  • Payment information (if applicable)

The deadline to sign and submit all required items will be noted in the email.

Confirmation Packet
All accepted applicants to Ho‘omāka‘ika‘i will be emailed their confirmation packets in mid-May. These packets will contain all details related to their scheduled programs (general program information, field-trip information, required waivers, etc.). Please also note that there will be no early notification for out-of-state applicants.

KS reserves the right to cancel sessions. Should this occur, families will be notified and accommodated if possible.

Attendance Policy
Attendance is critical for students to master course materials. Absences due to family trips and vacations, games and/or athletic tournaments are discouraged and students who are unable to commit to the full program should not apply.

Dual Enrollment
If you plan to enroll your child in another KS summer program, please review the respective program’s attendance policy and program dates.

Policy To Give Preference To Hawaiian Applicants
Kamehameha Schools’ admissions policy is to give preference to applicants of Hawaiian ancestry to the extent permitted by law. If you would like to be considered under that policy, your Hawaiian ancestry must be verified by Kamehameha’s Ho‘oulu Verification Services (HVS). Please work directly with the HVS staff to complete your ancestry determination as soon as you can and preferably no later than the program’s application deadline.

Legal Guardianship Verification
If there have been changes affecting custody agreements or the legal guardianship of your child, you will be asked to submit all necessary court documents prior to your child’s enrollment in Ho‘omāka‘ika‘i. Documents may be emailed to:

Medical Clearance

Applicants will be asked to complete a Health Summary and Tuberculosis (TB) Risk Assessment within the online application. Please answer this section completely so that we can adequately care for your child. If your keiki is invited to attend our Ho‘omāka‘ika‘i program, you will need to complete a medical forms packet which includes a physical exam dated after January 1, 2023 and their current immunization record to confirm enrollment. Details will be provided upon completion of the application.

Submission of medical forms packet alone does not confirm enrollment to the program.