Hālau Kūkalaulama


Hālau Kūkalaulama

With ‘āina and Hawaiian culture-based education as our iwikuamo‘o, Hālau Kūkalaulama empowers the lāhui through innovative educational opportunities. Our work reaches out to an extended ‘ohana of diverse pua a Pauahi. From community to campus, from kindergarten to mākua to kūpuna, our division provides opportunities for learning, growth, and give-back. We strive to engage our learners, young and young at heart, in programs and services that ignite the ‘ōiwi leader in each of them. See below for brief descriptions of the lālā or branches that make up our division.

The legacy of our Ho‘omāka‘ika‘i program is known far and wide. Through this program Kamehameha Schools provides an immersive experience in Hawaiian culture and values rooted in the knowledge and practices of our kūpuna. We honor Ke Ali‘i Pauahi by connecting generations of keiki with ‘āina and ‘ike kūpuna to set the foundation for developing their Hawaiian identity and becoming the ‘ōiwi leaders of the future.

Summer School:
Kamehameha Schools provides meaningful educational opportunities for Native Hawaiian learners to explore their potential and develop as ‘ōiwi leaders. Our mission at Hālau Kūkalaulama is to use the summer space to ignite a passion for learning, promote personal growth, and instill an attitude of Kūlia i ka Nu‘u. We celebrate the light within each keiki and strive to connect them to their roots, explore their interests, and nurture their dreams. This summer we are excited to offer fun and enriching experiences that will allow students in grades 1-8 to engage and learn through a variety of in-person morning courses.

‘Āina Engagement:
‘Āina Engagement looks to foster kinship and kuleana between kānaka and ‘āina. We create space for ʻāina collaboration, where like-minded people come together to innovate and elevate the quality of Hawaiian Culture-Based Education (HCBE). We work with kumu to strengthen their confidence and ability to integrate ʻāina into curricula. And through workshops, workdays, and other engagements, we work with keiki, kumu, and ‘ohana to strengthen their pilina ʻāina or connectedness to land. In 2021, we were given the privilege of stewarding two campus ʻāina sites—Hale Huliāmahi, a traditional hale loulu and sustainability hub, and Keanakamanō, a wahi kūpuna and thriving cultural garden.

Kapālama ‘Ohana and Alumni Engagement (KOAE):
The goal of Kapālama ‘Ohana & Alumni Engagement is to facilitate and support a lasting alliance between ‘ohana, alumni, and educators. We use an inclusive definition of ‘ohana that extends beyond the immediate family and embraces all those within a haumana’s sphere of influence. We strive to foster an integrated learning community where the well-being and educational success of our haumāna drives meaningful collaborations that draw on our collective ‘ike and strengths. Through school-wide events, workshops, and focused conversations, KOAE supports the development of ‘ōiwi leaders as well as the communities who nurture them.

Mission statement

Hālau Kūkalaulama is committed to carrying the multitude of torches and empowering the lāhui to rise through innovative educational opportunities. Grounded in a Native Hawaiian identity, the flames of nā pua a Pauahi are brightened by leveraging partnerships and reciprocating resources to address challenges and opportunities. The fire within will illuminate local communities to impact our honua for life.