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Benefits summary

Kamehameha Schools (KS) is committed to cultivating a positive work environment and providing employees with the resources needed to do their best work each day. KS’ Total Rewards Program is designed to help attract, motivate and retain well-qualified, engaged employees and reflects the high priority that KS places on the physical, mental and financial well-being of its employee ʻohana.

Subsidized medical, drug, vision and dental plans
Paid sick leave (accrual based on work year)
Paid vacation based on work year/years of service
Up to 100% professional tuition reimbursement, based on eligibility
Free wellness program to promote mental and physical health
100% 401(k) contribution match, up to 6% of pay
Before-tax spending accounts for health/dependent care expenses
Basic life insurance (with option to purchase additional)
Family and medical leave and Hawaiʻi family leave
Up to 13 ½ paid holidays per year

Pay is an integral part of this program and is essential to KS’ ability to attract and retain talent. KS ensures that employee pay is market competitive by regularly participating in market salary surveys, independently reviewing and administering pay schedules, and monitoring both local and national compensation program trends and practices.

401(k) Retirement Savings Plan

All employees are automatically enrolled in the Kamehameha Schools 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan. KS also provides a 100% match for every dollar contributed, for up to 6% of the employee's salary. In addition, eligible employees may receive an annual non-elective contribution that may be up to 4% of their salary. The employer match contributions are immediately 100% vested while any annual employer contributions will become 100% vested after two years of service.

Medical coverage

Medical coverage helps our valued employees and their ʻohana maintain their well-being through 100% coverage for preventative care and affordable prescription medication. KS offers Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) to pay for eligible healthcare and dependent care expenses on a pre-tax basis. Disability and Life benefits provide income protection for KS employees and their ʻohana in the event of disability or death.

Personal safety and welfare

The personal safety and welfare of our employees is of the utmost importance. To help promote workplace safety and train employees on how to recognize and react appropriately to situations which may pose a risk to student/staff safety, all staff are required to complete Safety and Compliance training on an annual basis. Supplemental workplace safety workshops or trainings are also offered on a periodic basis. KS recognizes that a healthy work and life balance is essential for employee well-being. We understand our employees may need time away from work on an intermittent or continuous basis due to personal or medical needs for themselves and family members and provide options for time off as described below.

Time off

To help promote a healthy work-life balance, KS offers generous paid time off benefits—including vacation, personal, sick time, and up to 13 ½ holidays per year - combined with a number of unpaid leave opportunities for Regular and Defined-Term employees. Paid vacation days are accrued based on the number of years of service and number of months worked in a year. For example, a Full-Time employee who works a 12-month work year (such as an Accountant or IT Analyst) would start with 13 paid vacation days per year and receive an additional 5 days upon attaining 5 years of service with KS. However, a Full-Time employee who works a 10-month work year (such as a K-12 Educational Assistant), starts with 10.83 paid vacation days per year and increases to 15 paid days upon their 5-year work anniversary.

Months in work year*Years of service**
0–4 years5–14 years15+ years
Hours earned / pay periodEquivalent days / yearHours earned / pay periodEquivalent days / yearHours earned / pay periodEquivalent days / year
*Regular part-time employees receive a prorated amount
**Years of service is based on your most recent start date in a Regular or Defined-term employee type. Years of service for vacation accruals are reset to zero years for employees who are rehired or change from Temporary to Regular or Defined-term employee type.

Regular and Defined-Term employees also accrue up to 12 paid sick days per year to be used for personal illness or injury, with 2 of the days allowed for the care of a sick spouse, civil union partner or reciprocal beneficiary, child, or parent. Similar to vacation accrual, sick pay accrues based on the number of months worked in a year.

Months in work yearHours earned / pay periodEquivalent days / year (based on working the full calendar year
Wellness program

At Kamehameha Schools we want employees to be engaged in their jobs and communities, be active and engaged in their physical health and ultimately achieve their highest level of well-being. A comprehensive wellness program promotes employee mental and physical health and positive lifestyles through an employee assistance program (EAP) and company-sponsored movement, strength and yoga classes and dietary care programs.

Voluntary benefits

Voluntary benefits offer added protection when employees are sick or injured by offsetting the costs of hospitalization and healthcare treatments, regardless of their medical insurance coverage. Additionally, voluntary identity theft benefits can help safeguard employees' personal information and the data they share online.


Employees can explore a new world of discounts through BenefitHub, an online portal that offers cost savings on thousands of national brand goods and market-leading services, running the gamut from hotel and travel deals to event tickets and auto insurance.

Training and development

We take pride in the ongoing training and development of our employees and are committed to helping them succeed in their roles so they can meet their long-term professional goals.

Beyond 9 to 5


Kamehameha Schools encourages and supports employee participation in voluntary activities outside of regular work hours and locations:

Staff activities

Kamehameha Schools believes that healthful and morale-building activities contribute toward improving and maintaining successful staff performance on the job. KS organizes and sponsors occasional voluntary activities such as social get-togethers, huaka‘i (educational field trips), classes or workshops, and community and other events for staff to engage in.

Civic and community service

Kamehameha Schools is committed to being a contributing member of our community. To that end, KS encourages and supports staff members in their individual civic and community service efforts. There are also several opportunities each year for staff members to get involved in KS projects that serve others. Staff members must seek approval from their supervisors to participate.