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Question: Where can I find information about COVID-19, and what KS is doing?

Answer: See our KS health updates page for information about COVID-19 and what KS is doing.

Q: I’m having problems accessing the Mo‘omō‘ali Olakino ( parent portal to do medical clearance for my child.

A: Here are some helpful hints:

  • Have you set up your KS Account? If your student is a new invitee, you should have received an email invitation, unique to you, to set up your KS Account. To request another email invitation be sent to you, call 1-800-842-4682 ext. 28811.
  • Google Chrome is the preferred internet browser. For best results, use an Incognito Window.
  • If your primary email address on file is a military, state or federal agency, bank, Earthlink, or a business, it may be restricted from outside use. Please call Admissions (new invitees) or your unit office to change your primary email address.
  • If you sign-in to services like Xbox Live,, Skype, and OneDrive, your email may already be tied to a Microsoft account. and other education emails use Microsoft accounts as well. Please select the correct profile by clicking on your profile picture and selecting the one with your name and “Kamehameha Schools.”
  • If you forgot your password, go to or

Q: Why can’t I access Mo‘omō‘ali Olakino from KS Connect?

A: KS Connect is the portal utilized by various departments of Kamehameha Schools for student clearance. In 2017 Mālama Ola initiated the use of an electronic health record platform (EHR). An electronic health record is an important tool for School Nurses to keep students safe and healthy. Storing medical information and documents in an electronic health record also provides a secure platform for this task. The link on KS Connect will take you to a Microsoft page which starts the process to access Mo‘omō‘ali Olakino (EHR).

See more information about how to create your KS Account and access Mo‘omō‘ali Olakino.

Q: If my child is entering a grade for which a Physical Evaluation is required, how recent an exam is acceptable?

A: The Physical Evaluation is a one-page form to be completed by your healthcare provider. Consistent with the American Academy of Family Physicians and American Academy of Pediatrics, we also provide a questionnaire for you to complete and give to your healthcare provider to review before the healthcare provider performs the physical exam and completes the Physical Evaluation form. (Please do not return the questionnaire to KS.) The Physical Examination part must be based on a physical exam that occurred on or after July 1 of the previous calendar year.

Q: My child is entering a grade for which a Physical Evaluation is required, and my child intends to play a sport. Does my child have to get another physical?

A: The completed Physical Evaluation form includes a section for your healthcare provider to indicate sports clearance. The single completed Physical Evaluation form will be used for both school and sports clearance purposes. The form should be submitted to your child’s school health room.

Q: What is the procedure if my child is on medication that needs to be taken at school?

A: Parents/guardians will determine if their child can safely and responsibly self-administer medications. However, all controlled substances must be administered by a KS nurse or designee. For a prescription and over the counter medications to be administered by a KS nurse or designee, please complete a Request for Administration of Medication (RAM) form for each medical to be administered.

Q: What does “Behavioral Health Medical Leave” mean?

A: A student placed on medical leave for a behavioral health concern or who received crisis services from a community mental health professional must be cleared to return to school, and Residential Life program (if applicable), by a licensed mental health provider. If a student is assessed to need a higher level of care by a community provider, a Behavioral Health Readmission Checklist and Form will be provided to parents by the BHS. The form must be completed by a licensed mental health provider. Upon receipt of a completed form clearing a student to return to school, BHS will schedule the required Behavioral Health Readmission meeting with School Administration prior to the student’s return to school and/or Residential Life program (if applicable).

Q: If I am receiving services under Behavioral Health, does it become a part of my child’s school record?

A: The BH Department utilizes an electronic health record to document behavioral health services. BH clinical notes are sensitive and may not be shared in order to preserve confidentiality and privacy. However, information may be disclosed externally to authorized individuals such as healthcare providers, and may be shared internally when there is a legitimate educational impact or safety concern.

Hi‘ikua Helpline

In non-emergency situations, students can utilize the Hi‘ikua Student Helpline to report any issues they are not comfortable bringing to their principals or counselors.

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