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Senior Aleah Kay stars as Kahalaopuna in this telling of the moʻolelo of the princess and rainbow goddess of Mānoa.

Watch the trailer for Hō'ike 2021 -  'Eleau

Feb. 12, 2021

Contributed by Shaundor Chillingworth

When the challenges of a pandemic forced the cancellation of a campus tradition, a handful of haumāna decided they would do what they could to get creative and keep Hōʻike alive. By using their skills and passion for storytelling, they will present this tradition of Hōʻike in a whole new way.

ʻEleau tells the moʻolelo of Kahalaopuna, the princess of Mānoa. The film is a senior legacy project from students in the performing arts seminar at Kamehameha Schools Hawaiʻi.

From those haumāna:
"Our goal for this project was not only to bring the stories of our ancestors to life, but also to show to our lāhui and community that even during these 'dark' times, we are able to come together while separated to bring life to such a powerful and educational story. Not only that, but we wanted to inspire our underclassmen to create their own hōʻike, as we are."

Watch the trailer (premiering at 12 noon on 2/12/21):

ʻEleau will be released at the end of March on multiple platforms. For more on the film and to see behind the scenes images, learn more about the cast & crew and stay up to date on the film's release visit:

Kaiulu Tiogangco as Mahana, Aleah Kay as Kahalaopuna, and Jason Aiwohi- Tomlin as Kauhi.

This is a senior legacy project from the class of 2021, Lonomakaihe. Just some of the seniors involved in front of and behind the camera. These students took on all of the aspects of the production to make this film a reality.

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