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Five students (four from KSH and one from KSK) form one of two Hawaiʻi teams taking part in this JV-HAB balloon project with the NASA Space Grant Consortium.

Students participate in NASA project

Sept. 29, 2023

Five Kamehameha Schools haumāna (Emma Erbe KSH ʻ26, Marley Osorio KSH ʻ26, Sarah Lee KSH ʻ26, Vivian Kau KSH ʻ24, and Tiani Ing KSK ʻ24) are a part of a really cool project sponsored by the Utah NASA and NASA Space Grant Consortium. 

The JV-HAB balloon project led by Douglas Paneʻe KSK ʻ75 is trying to answer the question of if microbes can sustain themselves in the jet stream and potentially propagate or find new hosts thousands of miles away. Our KSH/KSK team is one of two Hawaiʻi teams involved in the project.

The first of two test launches took place this past Saturday, using a smaller weather balloon and transmitter. In the spring, teams will collect a weather balloon about 10x the size of the test ones and launch the official experiment. A great experience and learning opportunity for these students outside of the classroom. 

Mahalo nui loa to Piʻilani Erbe and Doug Paneʻe for sharing the information and images. Look out for more on this project as it progresses. 

The KSH/KSK team with project lead Douglas Paneʻe, who is a KSK ʻ75 alumnus himself.

Students conducted the first of two scheduled test launches on Saturday, September 23 in Kalapana.

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