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When you see the cones blocking the right lane, please remember to stop at security and say aloha.

Safety First: Remember to stop when the right lane is coned

March 6, 2019

Contributed by Shaundor Chillingworth

One of our safeguards during school hours is to cone-off the far right lane entering campus so that entering vehicles are required to stop by the gate and ensure the guard present can determine the occupants of an entering vehicle, and assist as needed.

“We are asking for your help in keeping our campus safe,” shared Peter Fuchs, KSH Director of Campus Operations in an email to Hawaiʻi Island KS staff. “Let the cones be your guide.”

For existing staff with a sticker, we respectfully request you roll down your window and establish contact with the guard. For other visitors, or if you do not recognize the guard, please stop and make sure they know you are an employee. Non-employees cannot enter unless they are known vendors or have prior permission to enter and proceed to their destination.

When vehicles don’t establish their identity at the gate, security needs to send a follow-up officer, which is inefficient. In complying with this request, staff, students, ʻohana and all visitors alike can help in embracing a culture of safety and courtesy to our security staff. All of whom are very nice and greet you with a smile and aloha to brighten your day.

KS Hawaiʻi will continue to evaluate additional opportunities and the latest technology out there to refine and improve our safety procedures. But the best, least-costly and most efficient way to maintain that safety is in following the rules when you enter.

Mahalo for your kōkua in this manner.

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