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CEO Message: Update on campus learning models after Fall Break

Sept. 25, 2020

Contributed by Jack Wong

Aloha kākou,

Mahalo nui to all of our kumu, staff, leaders, haumāna and ‘ohana. We are now more than a month into our new school year; our kumu are teaching, our haumāna are learning, our ‘ohana are engaging, and despite so many challenges, we remain hopeful that we can make this our best year ever.

Presently, our K-12 and preschool campuses are in Full-Distance Learning Models through Fall Break

After Fall Break, if the external and internal COVID-19 risk factors continue to improve, we expect our K-12 and preschool campuses to be moving to Hybrid Learning Models

While your campus leaders will be providing you with specific information later this week for each of your campuses, here is general information about our enterprise-wide approach:

External Factors
Our COVID-19 Health Risk Model considers state and local community cases (7-day average per 100,000); positivity rates (7-day percentage average) and transmissions rates (7-day Rt average). Presently, these figures are improving and expected to be below advisory threshold rates by the end of Fall Break for all counties (see here). 
Internal Factors
Our COVID-19 Health Risk Model also considers internal cases and our ability to manage spread with internal safety protocols. Our internal cases have been decreasing (track weekly progress here), and our COVID-19 Safety Committee has updated our internal safety protocol to meet and, where we can, exceed regulatory requirements. These factors will allow us to move to Hybrid Learning Models, which are explained below. 

Hybrid Learning Models (Updated)
Our Hybrid Models allow for both distance learning and face-to-face learning opportunities. Our K-12 and preschool campuses have updated their Hybrid Models for the rest of this first semester, as follows:

  • Distance learning will serve as the primary learning mode. Distance learning, through KS Digital, will continue to serve as the primary platform for instruction. Our campus leaders, kumu, staff, students, and families have been investing heavily in distance learning. Strides and successes have been significant. For the rest of this first semester, we will focus on building upon the stability and momentum of this distance learning approach — rather than abruptly replacing it.
  • Face-to-face learning interactions will increase. Each of our K-12 and preschool campuses have recently completed surveys to better understand what is and is not working, and are co-creating with their kumu face-to-face learning opportunities that can meet important needs first. This may include counseling, academic tutoring, social activities, co-curriculars, athletics, and 'āina and culture-based activities. This may also include face-to-face classroom instruction, especially at preschool and elementary school levels. Initially, these interactions will be limited in size and scope, and will be voluntary for kumu, staff, and haumāna. Over time, these face-to-face opportunities will increase.

We recognize some of you want to move more quickly in returning in person. This is understandable; we all miss school and our lives, as they were. However, we are in the middle of a pandemic. We will advance carefully and together as we work to bring the best Kamehameha Schools experience to our haumāna, while keeping all of us, by the grace of Ke Akua, healthy and well-assured.

I mua,

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