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Campus staff directory

Maui Campus

Jonathan Stenger

Title:3-5 Science Specialist
Department: Kula Ha‘aha‘a
Location:Maui Campus
Phone:(808) 572-3254

About me

Aloha,My family lives in the beautiful Ha’ikū. Over the years I attended up-country schools along with my six other siblings. My natural love for the ‘āina created a bond with the Hawaiian culture that not only surrounds us but is a part of our daily lives.Upon high school graduation, I made the next step for higher education, the University of Hawai‘i Maui College, then Maui Community College. I started with my general education courses not knowing which direction I wanted to take. About three semesters into my college career I decided it wasn’t time for more studying, so I decided to do a year and a half of Christian mission work in Chicago. There is where I saw Ke Akua was the driver of my life and that it was through him all things are possible. I discovered there that to help others and to share the blessings that I have received is what brought true happiness. I returned to Maui and completed my college education. Eventually, I became the first graduate in the new Sustainable Science Management Bachelors of Applied Science program. This degree developed my natural love for science and furthered my skills in math and problem solving. Science showed me how similar sustainability is to the Hawai’ian culture and how important it is for us to make beneficial decisions for not only ourselves but also the greater community.Shortly after graduation I was blessed to work at Kihei Charter School, where I was first exposed to teaching, it was also there where I had the opportunity to develop science lectures on Hawai’ian culture and sustainability. Shortly after Ke Akua opened another door at Kamehameha Schools Maui as the Elementary Science Specialist. With this opportunity I am able to be a part in the future of Maui. In sustainability, we view every decision for today and tomorrow, and this is what I bring to the classroom, making sure what I teach today prepares the students for meeting their needs and responsibilities tomorrow.