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Kula Gaughen-Haili

Kula Gaughen-Haili
Title:Po’o Kumu
Department: Kula Waena

About me

Aloha, I am currently pursuing my Doctorate of Education, 2012 received my Professional School Administration Certificate, 2004 graduate of Chaminade with Masters in School Counseling and Psychology, 1998 B.A. from University of Hawaii (West Oahu) in Humanities and Hawaiian Pacific Studies, and 1989 High School Graduate of James B. Castle High School. As a team player, I believe in people and the diverse experiences and knowledge they bring. Creating long lasting professional relationships that can be built on trust and respect is a priority. As an Administrator for Kamehameha Schools Maui Campus and my prior position as a Public School Administrator with the Hawaii Department of Education, building sustainable collaborative partnerships based on trust and respect continues to be the mechanism for designing comprehensive strategies that can strengthen student achievement, community partnerships, and a professional world-class faculty. Growing up as an “At-Risk” Native Hawaiian youth, some have called me a success story. I know this is not because of my position, but rather because of all the obstacles I overcame to get where I am today. Throughout my life, I was able to navigate the environmental roadblocks of being homeless as a youth, raised in a single-parent divorced home, and surviving poverty. With no regrets, these struggles in my life have created empathy and resiliency, a blessing that has enabled me to relate to the large number of students and community members who face the same challenges.“Ke Ao Ho`oūlu”, I have always embraced who I am as a Hawaiian! I am confident in my Kūpuna, whom I stand upon. I understand where I come from and the kuleana I carry, which provides me with clarity in where I am going. To me embracing my self-identity as a Hawaiian comes as easy as breathing; NO conditions. Because of this ho`oūlu, I am able to easily recognize my strengths as well as weaknesses, thus allowing me to accept change and diversity. I feel this characteristic helps me as a Hawaiian leader, because I am willing to mālama not just myself but others. It is genetically a part of me to show respect and compassion for peoples of all nations, without compromising who I am. It is my kuleana to mālama i ku`u lāwena Hawai`i; perpetuate my essence as a Hawaiian and those I serve. My values and beliefs shape my existence and allow me to make decisions as a Hawaiian, but none of this is possible without Akua.