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Kamehameha Schools supports new sustainability courses at UH West O‘ahu

Kamehameha Schools' ‘Āina-Based Education department and Nā Māmo Mahi‘ai Growing Farmers initiative is helping to support new Theory and Practice of Sustainable Agriculture and Introduction to Agroecology courses at the University of Hawai‘i West O‘ahu.

SSCI 496G An Introduction to Agroecology (3 credits)
Tuesday, 3:30-6:10 p.m.
Learn about the science of sustainable agriculture. Explore the history and development of agriculture, traditional farming systems and the ecological and social impacts of modern agriculture. The course will also cover the principles and practices of ecologically based soil fertility and pest management, along with the role of biodiversity in designing the farming systems of the future. Ecological indicators of sustainability will be reviewed along with the environmental performance of conventional and biologically diversified farming systems. Social, economic and political factors influencing the long-term sustainability of agriculture and food systems will be explored.

SSCI 496H The Theory and Practice of Sustainable Agriculture (3 credits)
Thursday, 3:30-6:10 p.m.
Develop and manage UH West O‘ahu's on-campus organic demonstration garden.
Explore the theory and practice of sustainable agriculture. Learn the fundamentals of horticulture science and the application of agro-ecological principles to the design and management of small-scale certified organic horticultural systems for the tropics. Hands-on laboratory activities focus on the development of practical horticultural skills, including: sexual and asexual propagation; soil cultivation; compost production and use; crop planning; and soil fertility and pest management practices.

Along with a Politics of Food course and Sustainability Practicum, these new courses will be offered in the Spring 2014 semester for students interested in sustainability. For more information, contact Dr. Monique Mironesco at or visit