Residential Life


For parents & ‘ohana: What you need to know

The value of a Residential Life experience

We understand that the idea of sending your keiki to attend school on O‘ahu is a big decision for any ‘ohana. We know a big decision requires big reassurance. Our promise to you is that we will help your keiki will grow into the ʻōiwi leaders they were meant to be in a safe and nurturing environment.

The objective of our Residential Life program is to provide opportunities for educational enrichment and social-emotional growth, as well as to nurture mutual respect and shared responsibility.

As part of your child’s Residential Life experience, our hope is that each student sees this community as ‘ohana and creates lifelong, meaningful relationships with others in the program.

Our dormitories are comfortable spaces for our haumāna to study, rest or just hang out with their friends. Most dormitory rooms are shared (two to a room) and each dormitory has laundry facilities and a common gathering area with comfortable seating, televisions and a kitchenette. Healthy, nutritious and balanced meals are served daily in the school cafeteria with ample opportunities for our haumāna to socialize and practice conversation skills and dining etiquette.

And just like at home, our Residential Life haumāna have chores. Students are responsible to keep their own rooms clean and to help keep common areas and bathrooms clean, as well as to help with the dining room and kitchen clean up.

The dorm advisors do a wonderful job reassuring me of my son’s safety and explained in detail dorm life and curriculum. They really do care about my son’s education…I just can’t say enough. Everyone said I’d cry, but after leaving I just felt so blessed and grateful. I loved staying in the dorm, they’re very comfortable. Mahalo NUI!
Kaleiopapa Dormitory parent

Academic Supports for College-prep and Instruction

Residents will develop leadership and life skills across multiple settings. Pathways of exploration are self-directed with students creating their own Co-Curricular Report (CCR) to demonstrate learning beyond the classroom.

To ensure that our haumāna are academically successful Kamehameha students, regular mandatory study hall is held Sunday through Thursday evenings in all dormitories.

Study hall is an available time set aside each day to help students complete their homework and develop consistent study habits. Study hall is structured time for students in an age-differentiated manner to ensure relevance to their needs and that they keep up with class assignments and stay focused on working towards their own personal academic goals. Residential Life Advisors are available during study hall, should students need assistance or guidance. Advisors also work closely with the students’ teachers and counselors to ensure that each student is positioned for success.

Students may study in their room or in a designated study room in the dormitory. If a student does not have homework, the study hall time period may be used for reading or other quiet activities.

More questions?

Email us residentiallife@ksbe.edu, call (808) 842-8273.