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Our kula hosted the first middle school cross coutry race of the year on September 9.

West Hawaiʻi Today highlights middle school sports

Oct. 3, 2023

Efforts to revive middle school sports are well underway. West Hawaii Today highlights some of the work that's taken place to give middle schoolers a chance to engage in cross country to see if it's something they would want to pursue in high school. It's one of several sports programs underway this Fall season. Others include volleyball and water polo. This Saturday, tournaments and scrimmages for both

"’s been a really great opportunity to give these kids a competitive outlet,” middle school cross country coach Damien Packer said to West Hawaiʻi Today. “They have PE, but it’s not the same as getting involved in competitive atmospheres. Also, we’re giving them a realistic idea of what participating in high school is like.”

We're blessed as a kula to have the structures in place to give our middle school and elementary school athletes an opportunity to try and thrive with several sports available to them throughout the year, with sports like basketball, wrestling, and air riflery on the horizon. 

Check out our kshathletics Instagram, which is run by our student athletic advisory council, to see some of the other middle school and elementary school athletic opportunities that have taken place so far this year. 

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