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Watch ʻEleau, our 2021 Hōʻike film, on YouTube on April 2.

Watch the new trailer for  'Eleau

March 22, 2021

Contributed by Shaundor Chillingworth

ʻEleau tells the moʻolelo of Kahalaopuna, the princess of Mānoa. The film is a senior legacy project from students in the performing arts seminar at Kamehameha Schools Hawaiʻi.

From a young age Kahalaopuna is betrothed to Kauhi, a dominant chief of Kailua, and sees it as her purpose to serve him. After rumors of her infidelity spreads throughout the island, Kauhi is consumed by anger and sets out for Kahalaopuna. Together with Mahana, Kahalaopuna must find a way to escape Kauhi's grasp.

Watch the new, full-length trailer below:

A teaser trailer is also available

ʻEleau will be released on April 2 on YouTube. For more on the film and to see behind the scenes images, learn more about the cast & crew and stay up to date on the film's release visit:

he film fills a void left by the cancellation of the traditional Hōʻike performance due to COVID-19. Seniors in the performing arts seminar, took it on as their kuleana to keep this tradition alive, by telling a Hawaiian story and adapting the means of how it is told for the conditions of today. By using their skills and passion for storytelling, they will present this tradition of Hōʻike in a whole new way.

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