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Kahu's favorite of the four designs of spiritual theme posters created for this year.

Watch the 2022 Beginning of the Year Convocation

Aug. 29, 2022

Our kula gathered as a full K-12 campus for the first time since I Mua Week in January 2020, to open our year by grounding ourselves in the word of Ke Akua, in mele Hawaiʻi, and in celebrating our 2022-2023 Kamehameha Schools Spiritual Theme - "E Mahi a e Mālama i Ko Ke Akua | Cultivate and Care for God's Creation".

Listen to the manaʻo of our kula alakaʻi and keiki kahu, and join in this special semi-annual tradition of how we open (and eventually close) our school year.


Below, you can also find the other three designs of posters created this year to acknowledge this year's spiritual theme. 

Our faith

Ke Ali‘i Pauahi was born eleven years after the arrival of the first Protestant missionaries to Hawai‘i in 1820. Both her parents, Abner Paki and Laura Konia were among the first converts to Christianity and became members of Kawaiaha‘o Church. Pauahi herself became a member of Kawaiaha‘o Church in 1867. As a faithful member of the church, she taught Sunday School, Choral music and contributed to the community through outreach of the church.

Today, we honor and arm her steadfast Christian faith, ideals and service through Aloha I Ke Akua—Love for God, Aloha kekahi i kekahi—Love for one another, and Aloha ‘Āina—Love and care for the land and all of Ke Akua’s blessings. Her abiding faith in Ke Akua serves as a foundation of our Christian and Hawaiian values.

Celebrating our spiritual theme with designs that also acknowledge the work of our Kumuola Marine Science Education Center.

This year's theme calls us to cultivate and care for God's creation.

Mālama ʻāina is embedded in this year's theme and calls each of us to take care of that which sustains us, created through the grace of Ke Akua.

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