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Voice of the Sea highlights the work of our Kumuola Marine Science Education Center in a special episode in their series on loko iʻa.

Voice of the Sea episode featuring our Kumuola Marine Science Education Center available now

Feb. 11, 2022

Voice of the Sea, a Hawaiʻi based science and culture educational show, made a special huakaʻi to the East side of Hawaiʻi Island as part of a series on loko iʻa, making a stop at our Kumuola Marine Science Education Center to learn about efforts to rehabilitate the Waiāhole and Kapalaho loko iʻa —located within the ‘ili kūpono of Honohononui, the ahupua‘a of Waiākea, and the moku of Hilo.

Kumuola is working with haumāna as well as field and industry experts to maximize the health of the Native Hawaiian mullet, ʻamaʻama, in the loko iʻa. Voice of the Sea talk-story about the community involved with Kumuola, the history of the loko iʻa under our care (Waiāhole and Kapalaho), the work involved in rehabilitation, and the research that is aiding our process.

Watch the episode now on the Voice of the Sea YouTube, or see it air at 4pm Sat / 6pm Sun on K5. For more information on the show, visit  

Mahalo to Voice of the Sea for highlighting this special work and the commitment of our hoa kumu to inspiring the next generation of kiaʻi ʻāina to care for and create opportunities for ʻāina momona both short and long-term. 

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