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No appointments are required. Please stop by anytime during testing hours. Results for rapid antigen testing are available in approximately 15 minutes via text message.

Rapid antigen testing reminder and process

Feb. 8, 2022

Starting February 7, all KS-sponsored testing will be conducted via rapid antigen testing, currently provided by Premier Medical Group (PMG). All surveillance testing should take place on the first day of the week that students are on campus (typically Monday). Required testing is a weekly kuleana and a negative test result is needed each week.  

Surveillance testing is available to all Kamehameha Hawaiʻi students and employees, regardless of vaccination status. All Kamehameha Schools Hawaiʻi students in grade 6-12 are required to test weekly on the first day they are on campus, though can be exempted from the requirement by registering proof of being fully vaccinated or a 90-day exemption following a COVID-19 positive test result. Student athletes competing under a religious or medical exemption to a vaccination mandate to compete in BIIF league games are required to show two negative test results conducted 72 hours prior to competition. Athletes should continue to follow instructions provided by athletics in regards to testing. 

Saliva test kits will no longer be accepted without a medical exemption. This applies to both required and voluntary testing. The shift to using the rapid antigen system allows testers to receive results in 15 minutes. By having it take place on the first day of the week, it limits the contact tracing period in the event of a positive test, and should reduce the number of close contacts that may need to quarantine. 


  1. If you haven't already, and this is the first time testing with PMG, pre-register and create an account with PMG.
    To do so, visit and follow the steps. A QR code will be generated that testers will show to the testing station to scan in and connect their test results to their account and be sent to the cell phone number designated on that account. 

    If students do not have an account, they can go through the registration process on-site, but will need parental consent through the Perseus app before they can test. If students do not have a device to register an account, our on-site testing staff will assist them with contacting you to provide consent and get registered. Please pre-register them with an account if you are able to do so.
  2. On Monday morning (or the first day of the week your keiki is on-campus), make sure your keiki knows to proceed directly to their designated testing station. Make sure they have their QR code accessible - either as a printout or on a device to check-in with the testing station.

    The Hāʻaeamahi Dining Hall testing session is designated for elementary and middle school students. The station is set-up on the stage side. The Lunalilo Hale testing session is designated for high school students on Monday morning. The station entrance is set-up on the elementary side.

    Students will enter, check-in, complete the testing, and then wait for results before proceeding to class. 

If students are absent on Monday morning, they should test at the Lunalilo Hale station first thing in the morning when they arrive to campus. Check-in with the front office for permission to head to Lunalilo Hale. A calendar with hours and locations and adjustments made for holidays is available and will be adjusted as needs arise.

For students participating in required weekly surveillance testing who do not wish to use the PMG testing service provided, another option is to make your own arrangements to meet the weekly requirement and submit your test result in lieu of testing on-site.

At this time, tests must be observed and conducted by a CLIA-approved medical or community provider, rather than a home-kit. Test results must be submitted by the first day on campus so the test result is accounted for the weekly check. The test must be collected no sooner than the Saturday before and the negative result can be uploaded directly into each student's electronic health record (EHR).

After morning testing is finished, KS Testing Staff will check-in with the health room to confirm if a test result was received. If not, and the student is on-campus, the student will be asked to test at the testing station. If unable or unwilling to test on-site, then the student will need to remain at home for the rest of the week until a negative test result is received. 

Please continue to report any POSITIVE COVID-19 cases detected through off-site tests so we can contact trace and notify any close contacts in a timely manner.

Saliva test kits will only be accepted with an approved medical exemption and must be submitted by 8 a.m. to the health room

If a healthcare provider has deemed your keiki unable to utilize nasal swab testing, a doctor’s evaluation form may be filed with your keiki’s health room to find a suitable alternative, which may include continuing to utilize the Shield T3 test kits until an alternative is approved.



  • The student will be contacted in class and will need to proceed to the testing station at their earliest convenience. Arrangements will be made with the front office for when that can take place and when they would be released from class to test. 
  • If unable or unwilling to test on-site, then the student will need to remain at home and attend class remotely for the rest of the week until a negative test result is received. 


  • You should receive the notification of their test result via text if pre-registering an account with PMG. 
  • The student will proceed back to the testing station for a follow-up PCR test. 
  • ʻOhana will need to pick-up their child following a positive test, and will be provided with guidance on what the next steps are for isolation. Once the rapid antigen test is positive, KS needs to treat it as a positive case.
  • An interview will also be conducted to determine any symptoms, gather any pertinent details for contact tracing, and to have your keiki sync their SaferMe badge. 
  • If the follow-up PCR test is negative or inconclusive, we will report that to the Department of Health (DOH), who will have kuleana for clearing your keiki. 

Mahalo nui for your commitment to this important weekly kuleana! 

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