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Urban artists from POW! WOW! Hawaiʻi will converge in Our Kakaʻako for the annual POW! WOW! Festival. Kamehameha Schools’ involvement includes providing the canvas for the large-scale art pieces, allowing artists to express themselves on walls throughout the neighborhood.

POW! WOW! Hawai'i returns, celebrating art and culture in Our Kaka'ako

Feb. 7, 2018

Contributed by Mae Nishimura

Calling all art aficionados, amateur Instagrammers and everyone in-between!

Honolulu Night Market and Our Kaka‘ako are kicking off this year’s POW! WOW! Hawaiʻi with a block party! Bring the whole family and celebrate a night of culture and art with live music, pop-up shops, a fashion show, and food trucks.

Located on Auahi and Keawe streets in the innovative urban neighborhood of Our Kakaʻako, Honolulu Night Market will take place from 6 p.m. through 10 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 10.

“We have a few surprises in store this year at POW! WOW! and would like to invite everyone to come out and enjoy the food, vendors, and entertainment,” said Jasper Wong, founder and lead director of POW! WOW! “Thank you to Kamehameha Schools for the never-ending support.”

The block party will commemorate the start of POW! WOW! Hawaiʻi where local and international artists will create murals and art installations throughout Our Kakaʻako. Painting will take place from Feb. 12 through 17.

KS provides the canvas for these large-scale paintings which are uber-popular among visitors and locals. Even after the week is over, thousands flock to Our Kakaʻako to view and photograph the urban works of art.

Through the partnership, KS and POW! WOW! Hawaiʻi have encouraged the community to appreciate the surrounding art and culture that is unique to Hawaiʻi.

“Many of these murals have educational, historical and cultural references in their designs,” said KS Communications Manager Aron Dote.

KS alumnus Kahiau Beamer is collaborating with fellow urban artist Cory Taum to create a mural inspired by King Kalākaua and his 1881 tour around the world as the first monarch to circumnavigate the globe.

The focal point of the piece depicts Kālakaua in his carriage, and it will be juxtaposed with different images reflecting the world tour. Those familiar with the artwork in Our Kakaʻako will note that Beamer also painted the three-piece mural of Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop located in the center of SALT at Our Kakaʻako.

Another Native Hawaiian artist Kai Kaulukukui will be creating a piece that highlights the precarious existence of Native Hawaiian animals. Kaulukukui hopes his art will create more exposure for the plight of these animals, educating viewers of their impact on native species. His project is also being supported by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. You can find Kaulukukui’s mural on the side of Highway Inn at SALT at Our Kakaʻako facing Coral Street.

“We look forward to our continued partnership with POW! WOW! and joining the community in kicking off the first Honolulu Night Market of the year in Our Kakaʻako. The success of this collective impact begins with the support from our community,” said Dote.

For a current list of entertainment and vendors, visit

Artistic duo Telmo Pieper and Miel Krutzmann from the Netherlands created their interpretation of “Aʻo mai i kou Hewa” (Learn from your Mistakes) during the POW! WOW! Hawaiʻi Festival.

Detroit POW! WOW! artist Michelle Tanguay titled puts the finishing touches on her mural “Love Thy Neighbor,” which speaks to women who feel scared an alone, and want their voices to be heard.

The POW! WOW! Hawaiʻi festival will launch on Saturday, Feb. 10 from 6-10 p.m. with the Our Kakaʻako Honolulu Night Market, featuring your food and retail vendors off of Keawe and Auahi streets.

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