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Zita Cup Choy (left) reads the new edition of the Ka Baibala with six-year-old Eva Strike and her mother Ululani Strike (KSK ’91) as part of a celebration of the bilingual Bible’s release at Mission Houses Museum on Tuesday, Nov. 20.

New edition of "Ka Baibala Hemolele" released

Nov. 21, 2018

Contributed by Thomas Yoshida

The newly released “Ka Baibala Hemolele – The Holy Bible,” published by Kamehameha Schools in partnership with the Partners in Development Foundation, is now available at a discount for KS students, parents, alumni and staff.

The bilingual Hawaiian-English Bible was unveiled at Mission Houses Museum on Tuesday night. The Bible was initially translated into ‘ōlelo Hawai‘i in 1839, and it is likely that the printing press at the aforementioned museum was used in its publication. Ka Baibala’s last edition was published in 1998 until the recent partnership brought new copies to fruition for multiple generations to utilize.

As KS continues to cultivate learners who are grounded in Christian and native Hawaiian values, “Ka Baibala Hemolele” will be given to all incoming KS freshmen starting in 2019 to be utilized in Christian Education and other classes.

The book is available for purchase at $40, marked down from a retail price of $69.95. To purchase a copy, visit the Mutual Publishing website or call 732-1709.

“Ka Baibala Hemolele – The Holy Bible” was released officially at an event Tuesday night at Mission Houses Museum. The Hawaiian-English Bibles are available for purchase for $40 from Mutual Publishing, and the Bible will be given to all incoming KS freshmen starting in 2019.

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