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Haumāna are symbolically adorned with the lei of education they have received over the past year as they take the next step in their journey.

Lei Pāpahi 2023

May 19, 2023

Kamehameha Schools Hawaiʻi Kula Waena will continue the special tradition of its Lei Pāpahi transition ceremony as each grade level is elevated to the next step on their journey. 

The manaʻo behind the event is to honor our students with the idea that they have been "decorated" with all of the knowledge that their kumu have bestowed upon them. Haumāna transition to the next grade level adorned with the leis of education that they have received. All three levels will participate in the ceremony.

This is a special moment for our eight grade class, as their final step in middle school as they transition to kula kiʻekiʻe. The kīhei they receive at the ceremony will be collected and shall follow the keiki until their senior year where it will be worn at their baccalaureate ceremony. To symbolize the "lei" of Lei Pāpahi, each 8th grader will  receive a lei of a single half-shell kukui, the kukui representing light, or knowledge, that their kumu have given them here at the Kula Waena. Papa ‘Ewalu kumu will present the lei kukui to keiki - a lei that has significant symbolism, as well as the braiding of the mana of some of their kumu here at the kula waena. As such, two members from each papa ʻewalu ʻohana are invited to attend in-person. For those unable to do so, a live stream is provided on the Kula Waena YouTube channel or using the player below. 


Pū kani
Nā Lei Liko o ‘Ōla‘a

Oli Noi Na‘auao
Kula Waena

Oli Kono Manu
Nā Kumu

Kahu Kensy Apaka

Ha‘i ‘ōlelo
Hope Po‘o Kumu Pua Kalaniopio

Mele Ho‘omolo Kīhei
Administration, Staff and Kumu

Presentation of the Class of 2029 
Kumu Kainoa to Kumu Ahuna

Presentation of the Class of 2028
Kumu Ahuna to Kumu Kinoshita

Presentation of the Class of 2027
8th Grade Counselor Robbie Shimose to Poʻo Kumu Lehua Veincent

Oli Mo‘okū‘auhau No Ke Ali‘i Bernice Pauahi Pākī
Kula Waena

Ha‘i ‘ōlelo
Po‘o Kula Kāhealani Nae‘ole-Wong

Pule Hoʻokuʻu
Kahu Kensy Apaka

Pū Kani
Nā Lei Liko o ‘Ōla‘a

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