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Haumāna in the Start-Up class showcase some of their hat designs. Hats are on sale now through 10/1.

Kula Waena Trucker Hat fundraiser for Maui

Sept. 28, 2023

KS Hawaiʻi kula waena haumāna in the Start-Up elective course have blended learning and kōkua for Maui wildfire victims.

The Start-Up course focuses on entrepreneurship, creativity, and the art of transforming ideas into reality. They learn to generate innovative business concepts, master social media marketing, and delve into product photography and design. While studying typography and design, the idea was to create trucker hats that could be sold as a fundraiser.

100% of sales proceeds will be donated to the Hoʻōla Maui Fund.

Visit the Hoʻonele Ea site to see the different designs for sale and place your order. The sale will run through October 1, 2023. More details available on the website. 

One of the 12 featured designs. This one by 8th grade student Ephraim Haʻo.

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