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Summer is the perfect time to practice and build upon skills learned during the school year! Take the challenge and win some great prizes in the fall.

Kula Waena 2019 Summer Reading Challenge

June 5, 2019

Contributed by Shaundor Chillingworth

Use your summer to do more and keep up with the skills learned throughout the year or even build new ones, and you may win some great prizes. 

Kula Waena has introduced the 2019 Summer Reading Challenge

All in total, there are three challenges:

  • Challenge 1 - Get access to books
  • Challenge 2 - Print/Screen shot a list of books you read
  • Challenge 3 - Participate in a summer reading program

Document and complete the challenges and you could win prizes including:

  • A free dress pass
  • Zone privileges
  • Ice cream party

Take a closer look at the challenge and get specifics of what needs to be accomplished in order to complete the challenge by downloading the challenge packet, which includes the rules along with some recommendation for middle schoolers and books recommended by kumu. 

Reading just 4-6 books over summer vacation can prevent summer learning loss and accelerate reading growth. Plus, it's fun!

Happy summer reading! 

Kumu compiled a list of recommended books for haumāna.

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