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KSK MS PE Teacher Lori Murakami, KSK ES Teacher Kristi Gonzales, Literacy Resource Teacher Lehua Gerboc-Naulangi, KSK HS Social Studies Teacher Kelly Vuikadavu, KSK MS Business Education Teacher Kamaka Parker, and KSK HS Social Studies Teacher Kimberly Cabral are among the 11 educators who recently earned certification by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.

KS tops the nation in board-certified teachers

Feb. 26, 2015

Contributed by Nadine Lagaso

Eleven KS educators recently achieved certification by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, bringing the number of certified teachers at KS to 67 – more than any other private school system in the nation!

The 10-year NBPTS certification is the nation’s highest credential in the teaching profession.  It is recognized as a mark of distinction similar to the way the medical, architectural, and accounting professions recognize expertise.

“The National Board Certification process is a transformative one for many teachers,” says KS Education Program Designer Camille Romero, the NBPTS-certified educator who shepherds KS teachers through the certification process.

“Not only does it validate many of the excellent practices that they use every day in the classroom, but it also establishes a conscious, reflective practice that causes them to constantly reevaluate their practices and adapt for the particular group of students in their classroom, now and in the years to come.”

Candidates for certification report spending up to 900 hours to earn certification. Despite the rigors of the process, National Board-certified teachers often refer to it as the best professional development they have ever experienced.

“When I first decided to become a teacher, I had serious doubts about whether or not I could do the job,” says KS Maui High School Art Teacher Lori Winterbottom-Guntzel. “Passing the National Boards wasn’t only a huge relief, but also validation that I made the right choice in becoming a teacher!”

To ensure that its teachers have the best chance for certification success, certified KS educators serve as candidate support providers to the teacher certification candidates.

Hats off to the following certified educators who provided encouragement and support to KS' latest cohort of candidates:

Kim Enanoria
KSH High School Teacher Trainer/Evaluator

Kehau Glassco
KSK High School Social Studies Teacher

Jaylyn Hashimoto-Owara
KSM Curriculum and Assessment Coordinator

Naomi McCall
KSM High School English Teacher

Mario Patino
KSH High School Biology Teacher

Sarah Razee
KSK High School Social Studies Teacher

Natalie Wong
Literacy Curriculum and Assessment Coordinator

In addition to supporting its own teachers through the certification process, KS extends its educational reach by providing candidate support to public school teachers seeking certification as well.

NBPTS certification is achieved through a rigorous, performance-based assessment. As part of the process, teachers build portfolios that include student work, assignments, and a teaching analysis. The portfolios account for 60 percent of the certification scoring. The remaining 40 percent is based on exams assessing teaching subject areas and strategies.

If you are a Kamehameha Schools educator interested in seeking certification, contact Camille Romero at or 573-7285. Applications are currently being accepted for the 2015-2016 KS cohort. For more information about pursuing NBPTS certification, visit the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards website.

Awards ceremony photos by KS photographer Michael Young.

Congratulations to KS’ newest certified educators!

KS Maui
Kekaula Campbell – Middle School Counselor
Wendy Doyle – Grade 3 Teacher
Kathleen Frampton – HS Math Teacher
Kyle Fujii – HS Curriculum Coordinator
Lori Winterbottom-Guntzel – HS Art Teacher

KS Kapālama
Kim Cabral – HS Social Studies Teacher
Lori Murakami – MS PE Teacher
Kamaka Parker – MS Business Education Teacher
Kristi Gonzales – Elementary School Teacher
Kelly Vuikadavu – HS Social Studies Teacher

Literacy Instruction and Support
Lehua Gerboc-Naulangi – Literacy Resource Teacher

Hulō for KS’ other NBPTS-certified educators:

KS Hawai‘i
Cyndi Bartels – HS Art Teacher
Joanne Berryman – MS Math Teacher
Dan De Mattos – MS Math Teacher
Heather Fuchigami-Day – MS English Teacher
Ka‘ulu Gapero – HS Math Teacher
Cyndi Herron – Curriculum and Assessment Coordinator
Aulii Kirsch – MS Art Teacher KSH MS
Constance Leyendecker – HS English Teacher
Kawika Rose – HS Math Teacher
Nader Shehata – HS Visual Art, Video Production Teacher
Laura Tavares – HS English Teacher

KS Maui
Angie Abe – HS Art Teacher
Lory Aiwohi – MS Math Teacher
Lisa Correa – HS Counselor
Lyla Eldredge – ES Teacher
Elizabeth Elliott – ES Librarian
Cynthia Fernandez – Kindergarten Teacher
Jaylin Hashimoto-Owara – Curriculum/Assessment Coordinator
Geri Kimoto – MS Librarian
Jon Kimoto – ES Counselor
Peggy Kono – MS Social Studies Teacher
Sonya Kurisu – HS Math Teacher
Kaulana Molina – HS PE/Health Teacher
Liane Nakamura – ES Teacher
Cheryl Nishida – MS Math Teacher
Candis Nishimitsu – MS English Teacher
Dale Nitta – HS Music Teacher
Kevin O’Brien – HS World History Teacher
Michael Oliver – HS English Teacher
Lesley Ann Pico-Lilio – HS History Teacher
Nalani Pollock – Curriculum and Technology Teacher
Phyllis Sone – HS Computer Technology Teacher
Noelani Yatsushiro – HS English Teacher

KS Kapālama
Daina Enabe – HS Social Studies Teacher
Sherry Kahue – ES Teacher
Jay Kauka – HS Social Studies Teacher
Angla Kung – HS Math Teacher
Charmaine Melchor – ES Teacher
Nalani Naluai – ES Librarian
Leah Nelson – ES Teacher

Campus Education
Arianne Chock – Curriculum and Instruction Design Specialist
Camille Romero – Education Program Designer

Community-Based Early Childhood Education
Nicole Linke – KS Haleʻiwa Preschool Teacher

Literacy Instruction and Support
Coral Balubar – Literacy Resource Teacher
Jessica Hickey – Literacy Resource Teacher
Jennifer Muller – Literacy Resource Teacher
Krista Nielson – Literacy Resource Teacher
Mari Sunabe – Literacy Lead Teacher
Jan Tanaka – Literacy Resource Teacher

When I first decided to become a teacher, I had serious doubts about whether or not I could do the job. Passing the National Boards wasn’t only a huge relief, but also validation that I made the right choice in becoming a teacher!
Lori Winterbottom-Guntzel, KSM Art Teacher

Governor David Ige presents an award certificate to certified teacher Kamaka Parker at the state capitol ceremony.

KS Campus Education VP Dr. Rod Chamberlain addresses attendees emphasizing the significance of their achievements for the teaching profession.

KS CEO Jack Wong and KS Campus Education VP Dr. Rod Chamberlain beam with pride during the awards ceremony.

KS Maui Art Teacher Lori Winterbottom-Guntzel - shown here with students Bryant Kubo, Mical Ventura-Estrella and Stephanie Bodin - says the certification was reassurance that she selected the right career.


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