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KS’ energy-saving efforts earned the organization $128,662 in rebates from Hawaii Energy. Above: Hawaii Energy Director of Business Operations Larry Newman, KS Sustainability Manager Amy Brinker, KS VP of Finance and Facilities Ben Salazar, KS Director of Facilities Development and Support Therese Rosier, and Hawaii Energy Jr. Business Program Specialist Ian Tierney.

KS receives nearly $130,000 in rebates for its energy-saving efforts

March 20, 2015

Contributed by Nadine Lagaso

Each year, Kamehameha Schools saves nearly 740,000 kilowatt hours of energy thanks to a spectrum of energy-saving initiatives. That’s nearly enough energy to power the entire community of Waimānalo for a month!

KS’ energy-saving efforts recently earned the organization $128,662 in rebates from Hawaii Energy, the ratepayer-funded energy conservation and efficiency program that serves the counties of Hawaiʻi, Honolulu and Maui.

The rebate was awarded for energy-saving initiatives at KS Kapālama, KS Hawaiʻi, and the KS commercial property 660 Ala Moana. They include upgraded air conditioning systems, wise window tinting, and longer-lasting energy-efficient lights.

“This is exciting because not only are we receiving nearly $130,000 in incentives, but we are also saving $200,000 a year in energy costs because of the more efficient equipment,” says KS Sustainability Manager Amy Brinker, who collaborated with Hawaii Energy to identify the energy-saving initiatives.

Like all Hawaiian Electric Company customers, when KS pays electricity bills a portion of that money is set aside in a public benefit fund. Hawaii Energy uses that fund to provide cash incentives to people and organizations to encourage them to choose more energy-efficient equipment. 

“When you buy a more efficient light bulb or air-conditioner for your home, you can get a rebate,” says Brinker. “KS is doing the same thing, but the rebates are much larger because we are installing hundreds of energy-saving lights and huge air conditioning systems.”

The incentive money will go into KS’ facilities development and operational budgets to help fund future capital improvement projects, include the installation of more energy-efficient equipment.

To learn how to earn business or home rebates, visit the Hawaii Energy website.


KS Sustainability Manager Amy Brinker sends a heartfelt “mahalo” to her campus collaborators on this project, including:

Peter Fuchs – KSH Campus Operations Director
Fred Leslie – KSH Assistant Physical Plant Manager
Carl Alexander – KSM Campus Education Director
Jason Kane – KSM Operations Team Leader
Wendy Cook – KSK Associate Director of Facilities Maintenance and Construction
Brian Won – KSK Facilities Project Manager

Kudos to key stakeholders from the Finance and Facilities Division including:

Iris Akimoto – Capital Financial Management Manager
Sheldon Char – Sr. Capital Program Manager
Arnulfo Castillo – Director of Capital Program Management
Jean Igawa – Sr. Capital Financial Analyst
Gary Nishioku – Sr. Capital Program Manager
Cheryl Sueyoshi – Capital Financial Analyst
Allison Yue – Sr. Capital Program Manager

And last, but not least, mahalo nui loa to Hawaii Energy Jr. Business Program Specialist Ian Tierney who worked quickly over the last nine months to review KS documentation and conduct site visits to verify installations took place.

This is exciting because not only are we receiving nearly $130,000 in rebates, but we are also saving $200,000 a year in energy costs because of the more efficient equipment!
Amy Brinker, KS Sustainability Manager

KS Kapālama Middle School installed an energy-efficient air conditioning system in its buildings which helped KS earn the cash rebates.


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