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Class of 2025 president Kamahaʻo Halemanu displays the certificate of achievement he received for completing this prestigious program.

Junior Kamahaʻo Halemanu earns a national recognition as a student leader

June 20, 2023

Junior Kamahaʻo Halemanu has earned a special distinction as a National Student Council (NatStuCo) Distinguished Student Leader. The Kaʻiwahoʻokelewaʻa Class of 2025 president completed all of the national program requirements in the NatStuCo student leaders program and is now one of only approximately 800 students across the nation to achieve this recognition.

Sponsored by the National Student Council (NatStuCo) and the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP), the Student Leaders Program serves to:

  • Give schools a tool to enhance and improve their efforts to develop student leaders.
  • Challenge students to work for recognition that is based on their abilities and knowledge in the area of leadership.
  • Create an award that provides authentic assessment and recognition based on a student’s demonstration of skills and knowledge.
  • Support the standards and goals of the National Council of Excellence Awards and missions of National Student Council and NASSP.

Halemanu completed a series of required tasks and activities in order to complete the program and become a certified student leader. The rigorous application process involves the creation of a portfolio of evidence that demonstrates completion of a number of activities inclusive of modules on leadership, goal setting, team building, decision making, problem solving, group dynamics, time management and personal organization, meeting management, communication, evaluation, service, civic engagement and personal leadership philosophy. Applicants must also participate in an assessment meeting with their advisers and principals to verify completion of the requirements. Student portfolios and applications are then forwarded to NatStuCo for a final review. Upon successful completion of the program, students are recognized as Distinguished Student Leaders.

"Hoʻomaikaʻi on your incredible achievement!!" says Associated Students of Kamehameha Schools (ASKS) student government advisor Jodie Kimura. "I witnessed your hard work and perseverance, and you deserve to be honored and recognized."

Kamahaʻo has been an active and involved student leader since he joined our campus. In addition to having served as class president throughout his high school time and in this upcoming school year, he's the boy's team captain of our Judo team, a BIIF judo champion, and BIIF swimming and wrestling medalist. He's the vice-president of the ʻAʻanahoa Club, and a keiki kahu on our deputation team.  

"I wanted to mahalo Kumu Lehua as well as Aunty Jodie for the numerous activities they have provided me in my Freshmen and Sophomore Year," shares Kamahaʻo. "This is an amazing start to my Junior Year, and I am looking forward to what we can accomplish next." 

Halemanu and other KS Hawaiʻi student leaders share a moment with KS CEO Jack Wong before at the opening of this year's legislative session.

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