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Hurricane season is here. Stay ahead of the storm with these tips

June 25, 2024

Hurricane season is here, running from June 1 to Nov. 30. We must ensure we are mākaukau for any potential emergencies, so here is some essential information and helpful resources to help you prepare!

Understand your risks
Hawaiʻi is home to many unique microsystems, each requiring specific preparations. While hurricanes pose the greatest threat, tropical storms and depressions can also be severe. Be aware of hazards like storm surges, heavy rains, high surf and rip currents.

Is your neighborhood prone to flooding? Do you live in an evacuation zone? Do you know your emergency access roads? Understanding your risks helps you prepare more effectively.

Prepare your ʻohana and your home
By now, we all know the importance of a go-bag and having two weeks of emergency supplies ready. Along with food, water, flashlights and a radio, remember the smaller essentials like utensils, cash, batteries and a first aid kit. Keep printed photos of your family with important documents in a dry bag near your disaster supplies for easy access when you’re in a hurry.

Are your doors hurricane-proof? Have you trimmed tall trees in your yard? Do your gutters need clearing? Preparing your home helps you decide whether to evacuate or shelter in place when the time comes.

Know the alerts
Rely on official forecasts from the National Hurricane Center and well-established media partners for the latest news. Meteorologists in our local National Weather Service offices can provide the most accurate, timely information for vulnerable areas.

Do you know the difference between a warning and an emergency alert? Are your emergency weather app notifications on? Always check for the latest forecast information and enable Wireless Emergency Alerts and Emergency Alert System notices on your phone.

Remember, being proactive and informed is key when it comes to facing potential emergencies. By knowing your risks, preparing your home and family and staying updated with official alerts, you can ensure the safety and resilience of your ʻohana during hurricane season and any other potential emergencies that may arise. Stay safe and be prepared!

For more information:
Hawaiʻi Emergency Management Agency (HI-EMA)
Hurricane preparedness (NOAA)
National Weather Service – Central Pacific Hurricane Center

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