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Nāpua peer tutors are now available to support kumu or work directly with other high school students.

Holopono Academic Success Center peer tutoring program

Nov. 27, 2023

One of the things we are so grateful for this year, is the launch of our Kula Kiʻekiʻe Holopono Academic Success Center to give haumāna the kōkua they need to reach their academic goals and achieve academic success.

And we know our Nāpua Peer Tutors are thankful for being given the opportunity to give back to Pauahi through helping their fellow Pua a Pauahi through their service, ultimately aiming to uplift their lāhui through education. Just as Pauahi desired.

HS students - if you could use a little extra kōkua, see the flyer below for more information on how to access these services or click the link to visit the HASC website. Once the request has been submitted, await a response via email regarding if it is possible to have a tutor attend on a specific day or time. Once confirmation has been sent, an appointment will be generated via e-hallpass.

Kumu can also request tutors for their classroom to sit in on a class or provide additional support.

Questions? Contact the Holopono Academic Success Center program coordinator, Mr. Josh Smith at  

Visit their website to learn more or to sign up for a meeting.

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