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Mahalo nui loa to all the educators who poured their heart and expertise into E Ulu Vol. 3.

Celebrating Our Collective Impact - E Ulu Vol.3 Release

Feb. 21, 2024

Critical ʻŌiwi Inquiry lies at the heart of ʻŌiwi Edge learning and teaching, requiring the research and development of tools and practices that respond to the needs of our ʻohana, communities, and classrooms. In our journey of collective learning and growth, we celebrate yet another significant milestone, with our campus publication E Ulu, now available online. E Ulu is a generated space for imprinting the moʻolelo of our kauhale. Through kumu and haumāna-centered research, E Ulu provides transparent access to our ʻŌiwi Edge experiences and records our growth as genuine examples of promising practice, focused and centered on the well-being of our haumāna, our kauhale, and our lāhui.

These publications are not just documents, but a reflection of the tireless efforts and commitment of each and every one of our kumu who continuously elevate the empowerment of our learners through ʻŌiwi Edge for E Ola! educational foundations. The articles in E Ulu highlight the invaluable insights, strategies, and lessons learned through rigorous investigations and practices of our Kumu scholars and researchers.

E Ulu is now available online at! You can explore our growing compilation of ʻŌiwi Edge scholarship, featuring genuine examples of promising practices for the well-being of our haumāna, kauhale, and lāhui. We mahalo each of these kumu and their willingness to share experiences, triumphs, and challenges to help spark inspiration for others to kickstart their own journey of inquiry and discovery. 

As educators and lifetime scholars, we are passionate about pushing ourselves in the pursuit of rigorous learning. Along with E Ulu volumes 1 and 2 being available online, we are excited to unveil the release of the third edition of our campus publication of scholarship, E Ulu, a testament to the dedication, innovation, and passion of our educators here at Kamehameha Hawaiʻi.. It contains a selection of 16 moʻolelo offering insights from every division related to school redesign activities. Read E Ulu Vol. 3 to gain perspectives straight from our incredible Kumu and Poʻo Kumu.


Kumu Kahoane Aiona and Kaleo Kaleohano wrote about co-creating learning goals and outcomes in 2nd grade to foster student and family engagement.

The cover of E Ulu is designed by artist and high school arts kumu Carl Pao.

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