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Lucas Kay-Wong put together a video with interviews he conducted with college coaches and former athletes about the recruiting process.

A lesson in college recruiting as a Hawaiʻi soccer athlete

Jan. 10, 2024

For his senior legacy project, class of 2024 senior Lucas Kay-Wong wants to give Hawaiʻi soccer players an assist with their college recruiting process.

A stand-out soccer player himself, Lucas used his network of collegiate coaches and former athletes and put together a video highlighting some things athletes should know when entering the recruiting process, direct from coaches themselves. 

"Coming from Hawaii it is very difficult to get exposure to college coaches because we are so isolated," shared Kay-Wong. "The purpose of my project is to help out aspiring college soccer players from Hawaii by giving them information straight from college coaches. This includes information about how to get noticed by college coaches all the way to what a typical day looks like for college athletes."

Watch the video on his YouTube channel - 

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