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Pauahi’s European Travel Journal 1875-1876

European travel summary  •  Ireland  •  Germany  •  Switzerland and Munich  •  Austria  •  Italy


European travel summary

Sources: Pauahi by George Kanahele, Chapter 6:  Revelations of an Odyssey / Student transcriptions from Ka Moi, 1935-37 7 Transcriptions of Dani Gardner, KSG 1961 / The original, handwritten journals are at Bishop Museum

…The social and intellectual values of a trip to Europe clearly compensated for whatever risks or fears Pauahi may have felt.  As a member of the ali‘i, she was going to share an experience of the privileged in haole society. For touring Europe especially was more than the socially fashionable thing to do; it was de riguer, prescribed by the unwritten rules of social acceptance among the sophisticated elite. And Pauahi was part of this elite group…The trip was a status symbol and perhaps, there was even some innocent competitiveness involved. Unlike the other ali‘i who had traveled to Europe only on official missions, she was going at her leisure and at her own expense. Pauahi, page 130.

May 29, 1875
Leave Honolulu (Kingdom of Hawai’i) for San Francisco (U.S.A.)

June 21, 1875
Arrive by train in New York City (U.S.A.)

July 7, 1875
Leave New York City (U.S.A.) by steamship for Queenstown (now Cobb, Ireland)

July 18, 1875
Cork, Ireland (United Kingdom)

See the Lee River, Blarney Castle, St. Nikolas Episcopal Church, St. Ann’s Catholic Church

July 19, 1875
Kilarney, Ireland (United Kingdom)
See Estate mansions, villages, abbeys, ruins, O’Sullivan Cascade

July 21, 1875
Dublin, Ireland (United Kingdom)
See Art galleries

Liverpool, England (United Kingdom)
Visit with THEOSOPHILIUS DAVIES (founder of Theo. H. Davies & Co.,),  and ROBERT CHESHIRE JANION, his business partner. Also visit with CHARLES G. HOPKINS (Privy Councilor under Kamehameha III)

London, England (United Kingdom)
See Westminster Abbey, Hyde Park, Regent Park, Coventry, the Tower of London, Parliament, Windsor Castle, Picadilly, take a carriage ride along the Thames River

Greenwich, England (United Kingdom)
Greenwich Observatory, naval training school

Scotland (United Kingdom)
Dalmellington, Highlands, Inverness to Edinburg
Visit with ROBERT STIRLING, Minister of Finance under King Lunalilo

London, England (United Kingdom)
Bank of America crisis interrupts the journey. The Bishops travel back to the U.S.A.  Pauahi waits in New York City and CRB continues to San Francisco.

November 4, 1875
New York (U.S.A.) by steamship to Bremen, Germany (German Confederation)
Visit with HEINRICH HACKFELD, founder of American Factors and his brother-in-law JOHANN CARL PFLUEGER The Bishops decide to continue their journey in the midst of winter.

November 9, 1875
Cologne, Germany (German Confederation) on a steamer down the Rhine River to Coblenz, Germany (German Confederation)
See Church of St. Ursula, the Dom, stay at Hotel Geant

November 11, 1875
On the Rhine River from Coblenz to Frankfurt to Heidelberg, Germany (German Confederation)

November 13, 1875
Heidelberg, Germany (German Confederation)
See Heidelberg Castle Visit DR. WILLIAM HILLEBRAND, former Head of Queen’s Hospital and authority on Hawaiian botany

November 15, 1875
Bern, Switzerland
Stay at Hotel Barnehoff. See the Bernese Alps, Jungfrau, Matterhorn, Cigle and other peaks

November 16, 1875
Clarens, Switzerland via Vevy
See the Castle of Chillon, first snowfall on December 21. Visit the WILLIAM WILLIAMSON FAMILY.

November 22, 1875
Lausanne and Zurich, Switzerland

November 25, 1875
Munich, Germany
(German Confederation)
See the Old Pinakothek Art Museum, Baron Schack’s collection of modern paintings, New Pinakothek, Glypthothek. Experience Wagner’s Lohengrin opera

November 27, 1875
Vienna, Austria (Austro-Hungarian Empire)
See operas, Strauss band, ballet, sleigh ride on January 1, 1875. Visit V. VON SCHONBERGER, Kingdom of Hawai’i Consul for Austria.

December 8, 1875
Venice, Italy
Stay at Hotel Royal Danieli. Experience gondola trips, Grand Canal, Santa Maria della Salute, Frari, Rialto, Shylock’s bridge, palazzo, art galleries and museums, Piazza of St. Mark

December 17, 1875
Naples, Italy by train via Rome, Pompeii, Italy
See churches, palaces, museums, Aquasium

December 18, 1875
Rome, Italy
See Roman monuments, ruins including the Coliseum, Arch of Constantine, Forum, Appian Way, galleries, museums, Palazzo Roghese, Spada Palace, Vatican Museum. Visit with COUNTESS SUCHTELAN OF NAPLES, MARQUIS DE CAMPENARI, PRINCESS FACONIERI, CONTESSA CARPENGNA, THE CAMELLAS

December 19, 1875
Rome, Italy
This is my birthday. I am 44 years old today. I spent the morning in the museum admiring and wondering anew the [vast] treasures there. At 4, I went over with [Mrs. Cook] to the Villa Reale.

January 10, 1876
The Vatican
Audience with POPE PIUS IX.

January 10, 1876
San Remo, Milan, and Turin, Italy
See seaside resort popular with invalids.

March 18, 1876
Paris France
See Versailles, Fontainbleu, Louvre, Nore Dame, Champs Elysees, palaces, museums and surrounding areas for 6 weeks. See MR. AND MRS. CHARLES DE VARIGNY, who was Minister of Finance and Foreign Affairs under Kamehameha V.

May 5, 1876
London, England (United Kingdom)
Audience with QUEEN VICTORIA and ALBERT, PRINCE OF WALES Visit with ALFRED, DUKE OF EDINBURGH, DUKE OF SAXE-COBURG AND GOTHA, the son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert

May 30, 1876 to September 1876
United States of America
Vist New York City, Washington D.C., Boston, Massachusetts, Glens Falls, New York, Sandy Hill, New York, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania especially to see the Philadelphia Exhibition

September 1876
Honolulu, Kingdom of Hawaiʻi

European travel summary  •  Ireland  •  Germany  •  Switzerland and Munich  •  Austria  •  Italy