The Legacy of a princess

Kamehameha Schools was founded by the will of Bernice Pauahi Bishop, the great-granddaughter of Kamehameha the Great.

Pauahi Legacy
Kamehameha Schools Strategic Plan 2015-2020

This timeline indicates where we've been, where we are now, and where we're heading.

2000   Kamehameha Schools Strategic Plan 2000–2015 

The Kamehameha Schools Strategic Plan 2000-2015 contained statements on values, vision and mission; six guiding principles and seven goals and priorities.

“Kamehameha Schools will stand accountable for our words and deeds” is one of the six guiding principles. See a listing of key organizational accomplishments for each of the seven goals of the plan.

View the Kamehameha Schools Strategic Plan 2000–2015 (PDF)

2005   Education Strategic Plan 

Based on the Kamehameha Schools Strategic Plan 2000-2015, the Kamehameha Schools Education Strategic Plan (2005-2015) offered a framework to create long-term, intergenerational change for Native Hawaiians via education. The purpose of the Education Strategic Plan was to improve educational outcomes for greater numbers of Hawaiian children. The specific emphasis was on young learners (ages prenatal to 8) in Hawai‘i.

View the Education Strategic Plan (PDF)

2007   Corbett Kalama named trustee
2009   Micah Kāne named trustee
2010   Work on new strategic plan begins, including broad stakeholder feedback

The SP2020 planning process began in 2010 and included broad input from the KS ‘ohana and the community. As the process accelerated in 2013-14, Kamehameha Schools held forty meetings on six islands involving nearly 3,000 KS staff, students, and community members. Digital means allowed many others to contribute their mana‘o via email and a dedicated website.

Stakeholder feedback over time (PDF)

2012   Lance Wilhelm named trustee
2013   Robert Nobriga named trustee
2014   March — Vision 2040 articulated

Based on community input, KS trustees led the charge to envision Native Hawaiian well-being over a generation of twenty-five years. Vision 2040 represents our aspirations and commitment to help all Native Hawaiian learners achieve greater success.


Vision statement: Within a generation of 25 years, we see a thriving Lāhui where our learners achieve postsecondary educational success, enabling good life and career choices. We also envision that our learners will be grounded in Christian and Hawaiian values and will be leaders who contribute to their communities, both locally and globally.



    August-September — SP2020 shared with all KS employees

During a three-month tour, CEO Jack Wong personally visited each group and division at Kamehameha Schools to connect with staff and share SP2020. Check out the video segments from Wong’s presentation to the IT division, held at the Ka‘iwakīloumoku Hawaiian Cultural Center on Aug. 29, 2014.



    September — Jack Wong named new CEO
    December — Final SP2020 approved by trustees (PDF)
December — Action planning completed

Action planning teams included about 130 KS leaders and staff who put forward their best ideas to jumpstart our new strategic direction. As part of these efforts, regional planning teams contributed additional recommendations that intersect the five goals of SP2020 and are tailored to individual regions. The resulting action plans, completed in December 2014, contain recommendations to inform current and future decision making.


Action planning team members
Action plans



2015   May — Ten actions announced

As the organization prepares to implement SP2020 strategies, CEO Jack Wong has announced ten actions that will guide us into FY2015-16.



    June — New executive leadership in place; annual plan set for fiscal year 2015-16
    July 1 — Official starting point for SP2020 implementation; organizational changes and annual plan shared with staff
    July-December — Realignment of groups and divisions to support SP2020
    September — Formalized educational partnerships with University of Hawai‘i and Chaminade University
    December — Strategic report summary for Quarter One shared with staff
2016   December-February — Annual planning and budget
    February — Working definitions of SP2020 terminology shared with staff
    April — Summary of the annual plan for the fiscal year 2016-2017 shared with staff
    April — Strategic report summary for Quarter Two shared with staff
    June — Strategic report summary for Quarter Three shared with staff
2017   March — Quarterly strategic report summaries shared with staff
    April — Summary of the annual plan for the fiscal year 2017-2018 shared with staff
    May — Multi-year financial plan for the fiscal years 2017-2022 shared with staff
    Where we are now November — Annual strategic report summary and Quarter Three strategic report summary shared with staff