To the next step, Hīhīmanu A Kāne

Aug. 24, 2020

Contributed by Shaundor Chillingworth

With summer coming to a close and so many of our newest alumni making their way to wherever their next step will take them, wanted to take a moment to look back to the first ever drive-thru graduation for our kula celebrating the class of 2020, Hīhīmanu a Kāne.

To you, the resilient, grounded, groundbreaking, conquerors of the unprecedented, wherever you go, whether it's 6,000 miles, 250 miles, or just up the road, know you always have a home here at Kamehameha Hawaiʻi. We look forward to your #alumnipresence, whether you're back on campus for a visit or making your mark on the world. So proud of you, Hīhīmanu a Kāne, and excited for all that you will accomplish.

I Mua Kamehameha!

See highlights from the graduation drive-thru celebration for Hīhīmanu A Kāne, the Kamehameha Hawaiʻi Class of 2020.