Kumu publish action-research and inquiry projects

Aug. 29, 2023

Hoʻomaikaʻi to our kumu who published their action research and inquiry projects in volume 2 of Hālau Kupukupu’s E Ulu! publication.

E Ulu! is a platform dedicated to showcasing the exceptional work, findings, and insights derived from the research endeavors of our Kumu scholars, enabling us to learn from one another and focus our direction. E Ulu! Volume 2 highlights 8 action research and inquiry projects focused on redesigning learning and environments for our haumāna. It was released to all of our kumu last Friday, in hopes of providing continued inspiration for their own professional growth to design relevant learning for haumāna from colleagues working alongside them.

These kumu participated in an ‘Ōiwi Edge Independent Innovation Pathways project and designed research projects that leveraged their professional knowledge, expertise, and roles in order to take a critical lens towards school redesign. Kumu explored the impact on applying research skills, and classroom based experiences as a key component of kumu empowerment. Kumu completed their learning pathway by publishing this second edition of E Ulu!.

Hoʻomaikaʻi to kumu scholars:

  • Luke "Nalu" Mead - "Our Moʻolelo of Curriculum Redesign: Grade 1" and "Innovating During a Pandemic: School Year 2020-2021"
  • Noelani Norman - "Our Moʻolelo of Curriculum Redesign: Grade 1"
  • Layne Arakaki - "Innovating During a Pandemic: School Year 2020-2021"
  • Anita Erickson - "What I Didn't Know: A Continuing Journey"
  • N. Kainoa Bowman-Tam - "Success for All: Researching Best Practices for Digital, Modular, Self-Paced, Mastery Learning Curriculum"
  • Alana M. M. Cabatu - "Critical Resorative Pedagogy and Moʻolelo"
  • Nancy DeRego - "Meeting in the Middle: Using ʻŌiwi Edge Learning and Teaching to Tie Instruction to Clear Student Outcomes"
  • Dan De Mattos - "ʻŌiwi Edge Learning & Teaching Through a Mastery Learning Approach"
  • Malia Andrus - "Visual Moʻolelo: A Story About our Stories in Images"

Mahalo to these nine kumu for their willingness to be at the forefront and help navigate us across changing environments, whether in the four walls of the classroom, in the soil of our ʻāina, or in transforming digital spaces.

Hoʻomaikaʻi and mahalo to the core team who work tiredlessly to bring this edition to fruition, and for helping to foster a culture of research and innovation throughout our Kamehameha Hawaiʻi environments. Mahalo too to kumu Carl Pao for his beautiful artwork which adorns the cover.

Authors celebrate the official release of E Ulu! Vol. 2 and the culmination of their projects.

The cover of E Ulu! Vol. 2 features artwork from high school arts kumu and celebrated artist Carl F.K. Pao.