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“The day before something is truly a breakthrough, it’s a crazy idea.” - Peter Diamandis


Modeled after the XPRIZE, a non-profit organization that designs and manages competitions intended to encourage technological developments that could benefit humanity, MahiX is an open innovation challenge, seeking cooperative solutions to the most pressing issues in the agricultural sector.  

We see innovation as any new method, idea, partnership, or product that has the potential to effect positive change in the food system. This could be a policy change, a manufacturing technique, a process improvement, or a cooperative agreement that has the potential to revolutionize the ag sector. 

KS and Ulupono Initiative are investing a combined total of $50,000 in the following winning array of diverse solutions for the future of Hawai‘i’s agricultural industry and food system: 

  1. Two new technologies that include:
    1. SmartWater CSI – A first for Hawai‘i, a partnership with the Hawai‘i County Prosecutor’s Office to use technology to help protect farmers’ assets against theft. The project will receive $20,000 that will include purchasing kits for farmers leasing KS agricultural land.
    2. Hawai‘i Island Farm Trails smartphone application and website An expansion of Hawai‘i Island Farm Trails app and website – which support agritourism and connect farmers to visitors by promoting farm tours, farmers markets, and agricultural events on Hawai‘i Island – to also include promotions of farm-to-table restaurants and community supported agriculture. This project will receive $5,000.
  2. A collective impact initiative – Hāmākua Institute and Hawai‘i Island Agriculture Partnership (HIAP) will conduct a feasibility study of developing an Agricultural Innovation Center in East Hawai‘i to address food processing, storage and distribution needs. This initiative will receive $20,000.

Policy research and solutions – Partnering with The Kohala Center to form an agricultural housing policy working group focused on formulating an action plan that will facilitate the development of agricultural housing on Hawai‘i Island. A total of $5,000 will be invested in the project.

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