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Health updates: KS Hawai‘i

Symptomatic students at school

If a student develops COVID-19 symptoms while at school, the school health rooms will have a designated area for isolation and care will be administered by Health Services staff.

An administrator will ensure that spaces where the student spent more than ten minutes are cleaned and disinfected before the next day when other students will be in them.

Parents will be requested to pick up their child within 1-2 hours. If no parent response is received after two hours, an emergency contact will be called.

Students with other non-COVID-19 like symptoms will follow normal school protocols.

For K-12 students if there is a signed consent for testing on file, when the parent/guardian is contacted to pick up their child, they will be asked if they would like for their child to be voluntarily tested. Depending on the circumstances, nasal swab Antigen or PCR testing may be offered. To participate in KS administered testing a consent form must be signed in the KS electronic health record Mo‘omō‘ali Olakino. Parents/guardians will access the EHR the same way as they did for medical clearance before the start of the school year.

Returning to school after symptoms

If your child, regardless of COVID vaccination status, has experienced any symptoms of COVID-19 for one to three days even if at home and not missing in-person learning, a doctor’s note or negative COVID-19 test collected after the onset of symptoms must be provided to your child’s health room prior to your child’s return to school or school activities (including athletics). Submitting two negative home COVID tests taken 24 to 48 hours apart is now accepted, and a completed parent attestation form is required.

A doctor’s note continues to be required for return following four or more days of illness.

See this information sheet for the readmit process, which can be printed for reference.

To ensure that your child is cleared to return to school or school activities (including athletics), we recommend that you submit the required documentation prior to when your child returns onsite. This will avoid your child possibly needing to be sent home upon arriving onsite for not having the necessary documentation. Please log into the KS electronic health record Mo‘omō‘ali Olakino ( and upload a copy of the negative test result or doctor’s note clearing the student to return to school, as applicable. You can also contact your child’s health room.

Instructions on how to access the KS electronic health record Mo‘omō‘ali Olakino:

  1. Please use the most current version of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari for your browser.
  2. Go to, and login using your personal email that is on record at KS and password; when logging in as an employee, employees will use their KS email and password.
  3. Once you login, in the upper right-hand corner, it should say “Kamehameha Schools” under your name. If it doesn't, click on the icon and select your Kamehameha Schools account. Then you should see the Mo‘omo‘ali Olakino application. THIS IS DIFFERENT THAN YOUR KS CONNECT ACCOUNT.
  4. Once logged on to Mo‘omoali Olakino, please upload any medical clearance notes or medical forms by clicking on “Form Download/Upload” on the left menu bar.
  5. Once reviewed, you will receive a confirmation email from Mālama Ola Health Services staff stating that the student is cleared to return to school the next day. A copy of the readmit letter will also be posted on the parent portal for your records.
  6. On the morning of the day student is returning, please remember to do a quick student health check-in to assure that student is symptom free.
  7. Please have student return to the office in the morning before returning to class.
  8. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your child’s health room.

COVID-19 testing

We strongly encourage staying up to date with COVID-19 vaccinations as the leading public health strategy and best way to stay and keep others safe. As an additional layer of protection KS may provide students with home test kits in specific situations such as required testing for athletic league participation or outbreaks on campus. Specific information on testing availability and recommendations will be communicated to you by your school throughout the school year.

Please note these processes and requirements may need to be adjusted over time to reflect any new federal or state guidance.

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