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Boarding ‘Ohana FAQ


What will fall sports be like for day students? 

  • The HHSAA and ILH have approved fall sports; Football, Volleyball, Cheer, and Waterpolo to begin conditioning. 
  • Tentatively, the fall season will begin on August 17.  
  • Strength and conditioning and optional workouts will begin as early as July 20.  
  • Schedules will be managed and communicated through coaches.  
  • No decision has been made about intermediate sports at this time.

Are there details about the football season?

  • On July 17, the football team will have a safety orientation meeting for student athletes and coaches to present safety procedures for the weightroom and at practices.  
  • We are moving forward with the knowledge that the season is not guaranteed and may be adjusted depending on circumstances.

Will KSK distance learning students be able to participate in athletics at their home district public school?

  • Students who select distance learning are not eligible to participate in athletics at their home district school.  
  • For students who wish to participate in athletics, you may want to consider option 3 which allows you to attend your home district school so you can play sports. You will then be able to return to KSK the following year and will still be eligible to play.  
  • We encourage you to reach out to your grade-level counselor for further clarity regarding your specific situation.

What are the details for sports eligibility if students choose to go to a community school for one semester and return to KS the next semester?

  • KSK students who attend their home district public school will be eligible to participate in athletics at KSK the following year.  
  • Students must return to boarding when they come back to school to remain eligible.  
  • Students can also participate in a different sport that they donʻt already play at KSK. 
  • The ILH allows students to transfer from a private school to a public school and remain eligible. Students transfering from a private school to another private school will encounter some eligibility restrictions.  
  • We encourage families to communicate directly with Associate Athletic Director, Ed Paola, as each situation is unique.  

Can boarders become “day students” only for the months their sport is in season and remain in distance learning for the remainder of the year?

The guiding principle for length of commitment for students choosing distance learning is an entire semester. Regardless of the length of the sports season, students will need to remain in distance learning for the entire semester.

Please reach out to Ed Paola ( for specific questions as each situation will be unique.


Click here to view FAQ ’s specific to the boarding program

Boarding Allowance

Can the boarder allowance be applied if a student becomes a day student at KS Maui or KS Hawaiʻi? 

  • The boarder allowance is only for families who wish to become a day student at Kapālama.

Will the boarder allowance stop if the student decides to become a distance learning student?

  • If our campus reverts to distance learning (if conditions warrant), your monthly boarding allowance would continue provided that your child continues to reside with their host family.  If your child returns to their home island as a distance learning student, the allowance would stop. 
  • The boarder allowance is only available when your child attends KSK as a day student.  If you choose to send your child to Oʻahu but elect the distance learning option for your child, you would not qualify for the monthly boarder allowance.

Will families need to pay taxes on the boarder allowance?

  • You will receive a 1099 form.  
  • The allowance may be taxable depending on a family’s tax filing status.  We suggest that you contact your tax advisor to discuss your individual circumstances. 

Can the boarder allowance be used if we transfer our keiki to another private school?

  • KS will not offer financial assistance to students attending another private school as part of the options for boarding students.  
  • The boarder allowance is to support students who become day students at Kapālama on Oʻahu only.  
  • If students choose to become a day student in January, they can begin receiving the boarder allowance. We will prorate the amount if the student changes their option mid- year.

What are the details about the monthly boarder allowance?  

  • The monthly boarder allowance is up to a maximum of $680 per month. 
  • The allowance is to support sending a student to become a day student on Oʻahu.  
  • The boarder allowance is per student if staying with a host family on Oʻahu to attend KSK as a day student.

If students qualify for Financial aid, why can't a student receive boarder allowance should the student relocate with a parent to Oʻahu?

  • The purpose of the allowance is to help defray the cost incurred by a host family. Unfortunately, we cannot apply this allowance for a family to move to Oʻahu. 

Community Partnerships

Will there be opportunities for students to participate in internships and receive credits? 

  • If the internship is not already approved by the College and Career Center, further approval will be needed from Ms. Kekaulike's office.

Can we work with programming that already exists?

  • To the extent possible, we will partner with our KS regional offices to provide academic and counseling support services where possible and connect with existing programs where it makes sense.  In some regions, support may be mobile.  In other regions, it may be centralized in one location.

Is Aka'ula School an option as a KS affiliated private school for Molokaʻi students?

Kamehameha Schools has partnered with Akaʻula School to provide financial assistance to Native Hawaiians through its “Hoʻokahi Ka ʻIlau” (Wield the Paddles Together) program. The school services students in grades 5 through 12. Please contact Akaʻula School directly to submit a financial aid application.

What time will the community learning centers will be open?

  • We are looking at all possibilities.  
  • If you are participating in distance learning, there will be synchronous class elements that are mandatory for most days of the week. We will have to work around campus expectations.  
  • There may be down time in the schedule that would make this possible, but we are still working on the details. We want to provide as much diversity as possible.

If my student attends Island school on Kauaʻi there are no classes for Hawaiian language. Is it possible to have an online Hawaiian language class for Kaua'i students?

  • Once we receive a final count for distance learning students, we can explore ways to accommodate requests like this and provide students what they need.  
  • Hawaiian language is not a pre-requisite to enter high school.

Will students be excluded from language at Island School? How would the logistics work? Will it be the same day/time every week?

  • Middle School families should work with Stacey Makanui on specifics.  
  • High School families should work with their academic counselor on specifics.

COVID-19 and Safety

Will day students be separated from boarders?

No, boarders who choose to become day students will not be separted from non-boarder day students. This is why we are reducing the capacity of our dorms to seniors only.

How is the school addressing the fact that day students are a higher risk than boarders?

The school is adopting and implementing safety protocols and practices that will help to create a safer environment for all. However, despite all of our efforts to keep our community safe, the risk of COVID-19 affecting our community is still present. This is why we are reducing the capacity of our dorms to seniors only.

What will happen if my child interacts with a day student who tests positive for COVID?

Close contact of the person who tests positive. If a boarder has had prolonged close contact with a student who tests positive, they will need to go into a 14-day quarantine. Contact tracing protocols will be implemented at Kapālama. We will provide supervision for students who are in quarantine. The details of this staffing plan are still being developed. Our primary objective is to operate boarding in the safest way possible.

Will there be counseling services available at community centers to provide social emotional support?

Yes, we are working to develop this type of support. Details will be shared at a future time.

Distance Learning

Will there be an option for my son the remaining semester?

Yes, students will be given the option to change their mind at the 2nd semester.

How will grading be recorded for distance learning?

We anticipate that grading will look like what it looked like during the school year. Kumu will provide expectations at the beginning of the school year and we anticipate some flexibility that is needed as we adjust.

Can distance learning centers be opened to our boarder students on their home islands?

We are working very hard to make this possible.

  • We are working with our regional partners to find community centers.
  • We are investing heavily in professional development for our teachers for distance learning.
  • We are committed to establish distance learning centers, so students may engage with peers and receive guidance from adults.
  • We hope to have educators who can provide academic support to our boarders on full distance learning.

If my student attends a community school, will they be able to attend the community center facility to see their peers?

Boarders who choose to attend a community school would not be able to participate in KS sponsored activities hosted through our community center for distance learning boarders.

If students are in distance learning can they still attend campus activities?

No, students on distance learning may not attend campus activities.

Will there be a designated teacher for distance learning?

Yes, depending on enrollment for Distance Learning, we will assign the appropriate teachers to teach in this model. Your child will have each course taught by a teacher with content expertise.

What is being done to support mainland boarding students?

For all distance learning students, we are looking to provide regular, personalized supports. We are looking to assign a learning coach/mentor to each student to check-in on their academic, social, and emotional well-being.

Will all classes be available in distance learning including electives?

Given the nature of distance learning, some elective courses may not be available. In particular, electives like ceramics which require access to a pottery wheel may not be offered in distance learning. However, we are looking into community resources to enhance hands-on and face-to-face learning opportunities for neighbor island boarders.

Will Dual Credit courses be offered in distant learning?

Yes. Dual credit will be available, but we will need to determine which classes will be available to students on distance learning.

Will Kamehameha help families who live in isolated communities find quality education for our child?

Parents in rural and isolated communities will have to choose from one of our three options. Distance Learning will be a good viable option for our haumāna.


What is the difference between synchronous and asynchronous learning?

  • Synchronous: Student and teacher are both present online at the same time. 
  • Asynchronous: Student and teacher must be available online but they are not meeting at the same time. There is an expectation of independent work.

If a family selects option 2 and makes arrangements with a host family, what steps could they go through to coordinate schedules with their host familyʻs student.

  • For middle school students, all students in the Hybrid model will have the start/end times.   
  • For high school students, we will try our best, but there is no guarantee we will be able to accommodate all requests. It will be heavily dependent on how we split the groups up. Our ability to accommodate these requests is dependent on the master schedule and how many students opt for distance learning.   
  • We encourage families to meet with their counselor right away if you have a specific request.

Will the Canvas Managing system give a weekly update to parents like google classroom did. Is there going to be a tutorial?

  • Canvas has all the same functions as Google including a few more features.  
  • We are doing everything we can to train our kumu to utilize Canvas as a single platform/system.  
  • We are working on providing resources to support parents and students to utilize canvas prior to school starting.

Will there be a tutorial for parents on the Canvas system?

  • We are working on providing resources to support parents and students to utilize canvas prior to school starting.

Does a reduction in student course load mean students will take less credits? 

  • A reduction in course load may result in less credits earned  
  • Students who choose distance learning will have an academic planning session with an academic advisor to discuss credit requirements.

Would homeschooling be acceptable?

  • Yes, homeschool is an acceptible option for students who select Option 3. Please contact your grade-level counselor or Dean of Student Well-Being for details.

If dual credit at Molokaʻi Community College is approved, will KS pay for MCC tuition?

  • We currently have a partnership with HPU. We are looking into whether HPU will accept credits from other schools. Please continue to work through your grade-level counselor or Dean of Student Well-Being for assistance.

How would credits apply if we do homeschooling?

  • In order to receive credit, the curriculum would have to be administered from an accredited institution.  
  • If there is a homeschooling program that you would like to propose, please work with your VP and grade-level counselor in determining if our high school would accept those credits.

How will students do lab assignments via distance learning? How will dual credit courses be affected? Honors classes? Via distance learning? 

  • Certain electives do not lend themselves to distance learning, which means electives will be limited this year. Faculty have been trained on best practices and various formats for what an online class can look like. Our commitment to high academic rigor remains strong, so we are prepared to hold AP and honors courses.

When will the counselors be contacting us to discuss our child's credit/course requirements/options?

  • For middle school families:  
    • The middle school Dean of Student Well-Being should have contacted families already. Families are also encouraged to contact the middle school counseling department as well with any questions.  
    • A website sharing information about the options was created to help boarding families with their decision. 
  • For high School students:  
    • The KSK high school counseling department sent a Google Form for boarding families to desginate their final decision.
    • Because of the high volume of students at the high school, we encourage families to reach out to grade-level counselors if they have any specific, urgent questions.

If my child chooses distance learning as an option, will they still be able to put themselves on the Hawaii Island campus waitlist should that option become available?

  • They can choose Distance Learning and remain on the KS Hawaiʻi waitlist.

Will high school provide a school supply list to distance learning students?

  • Class-specific information like supply lists will be communicated by each teacher.

My child has Dual Credit botany for this year. Will there be an opportunity to have this class in distance learning format?

  • Our High School team is committed to offering Dual Credit opportunities for our students and looking into viable options for our distance learners.

How are you going to define cohorts? Will you take into account students' preferences?

  • High school is working through a hybrid structure that may allow some degree of student preference. 
  • Middle school cohorts will be determined by districts to support cohorting from the time students step on bus to the time they at arrive home.  Both core classes and electives will be assigned by cohort.

Are counselors on vacation? We have not received a reply:

  • Between counselors, administrators, deans, we have ensured there is ample coverage to support our students’ needs.  If you have an urgent request or question, the best way to reach them is via email.

Are there any changes to the HPU AA or Dual Credit Opportunities? 

  • Our commitment to allow our students to remain in the HPU AA pathway and/or earn dual credits is firm. Please continue to work with your counselor if you have any questions.

What colleges have a partnership with KS?

  • We currently have partnerships with HPU and Chaminade. 


How will Performing Arts, specifically Concert Glee work this year?

  • We are currently in the process of determining what Concert Glee will look like this year. Under current guidelines, schools are not allowed to resume band or choir programs. However, we have submitted a request to government officials regarding band and choir. We are still awaiting response.

What are the PE requirements? 

  • Will will not be requiring PE uniforms. We are asking students to dress in alignment with dress code policy ensuring dress is appropriate.   
  • For high school students, we are looking at adjusting or waiving PE credit requirements.

Is it possible to offer an online Hawaiian language class? 

  • If attending another school, it might be difficult to arrange schedules to coordinate a synchronous Hawaiian language class. We will work with each family to provide Hawaiian language resources.  

What electives will be available for distant learning? 

  • We will be able to provide more information about electives once we determine how many students have opted for distance learning. 


When will we know if we have received financial aid?

The first round of financial aid awards will be sent out in mid-July.

Will there be a stipend if I want to send my child to a private school on my island?

This is something we are currently looking into to determine if this is something KS can help with.

Will Kamehameha scholarships be honored at other private schools?

Financial aid is specifically awarded to attend Kamehameha Schools. We are currently looking into what type of assistance, if any, we can provide in this situation.

Will there be adjusted tuition for distance learning?

Distance learning students are day students for the purposes of tuition rate.

Day school tuition for the 2020-21 school year is $6,026, which is about 21% of what it actually costs Kamehameha Schools to educate our haumāna.

Financial aid is available to offset this amount to those who qualify.

To apply for financial aid, click here. The deadline to apply for Financial Aid is June 30.

Would families who move to Oʻahu, so their child can attend as a day student, be eligible for the stipend?

The stipend will not be given to boarder families who choose to move to Oʻahu.

Will their be financial assistants for families who elect distance learning but need to pay for wifi connection?

We are current exploring how we might provide assistance for boarder families who do not internet access.

My child will need to stay with a host family who lives closer to the private schools on our island. Will we be eligible for the stipend?

The stipend will not be given to offset living costs for boarders to attend other community and private schools.

Financial Aid

If I elect distance learning for my child, will financial aid be awarded to support hiring tutors?

  • We are not able to provide financial aid for this purpose.  However, we are aiming to provide academic and social emotional supports in your community with the assistance of our regionally-based staff.  Tutoring will be a component of this program.

High School

How will performing arts classes be conducted?

We are offering a hybrid model and only specific classes will be offered in performing arts. We will likely not offer a distance learning option.

Will graduation requirements be changed?

Details are forthcoming.

How do we obtain a release from KSK if we elect to send our child to a school on our island?

This is done through the Option to Return (OTR) process. Please reach out to your grade level Vice Principal to request

Will there be a special orientation for new students?

Yes, Kū Mauna will be held virtually. Details are forthcoming.


When will summer school students be required to return their laptops? Will students who attend schools in their community be required to return KS laptops?

More information and details about the laptop process will be forthcoming.

Middle School

In distance learning, can 7th graders be grouped together in their classes by island so they can work together?

This will depend on the number of students opting in to distance learning. Currently, the plan is to group students by grade level.

What will the dining environment look like?

Lunch will be in cohorts and puʻulu

How will classrooms be set up?

In alignment with CDC and KS enterprise guidelines the following has been done to ensure a safe environment for all students:

  • Each classroom has been assessed to determine capacity
  • When all desks are facing the same direction, 3 feet of distance between each student is
  • required. When facing each other, 6 feet of distance is required. Students will be separated in teams and sit on individual desks. Rotations will be established between core and elective classes.

New Invitee

What supports will be provided for new invitee middle school students?

  • Yes, our Ka ʻUlu Aloha program is an orientation program which helps students with the use of technology and laptops. Additional resources for technology and distance learning support will also be made available.  Please contact our Dean of Student Well-Being Stacey Makanui if you have questions. 

What supports will be provided for new invitee high school students?

  • Yes, our orientation program, Kū Mauna, will be held for new invitee freshmen. Please send specific questions to your grade-level counselor or vice principal.  See our contact list in the June 19 message. 

How will new invitees receive their laptops?

  • New invitee middle school students on neighbor islands will be swapping out their loaner laptops with a new laptop issued for this school year.  This will be done via FED EX.  More information regarding this will be shared in the upcoming weeks.  
  • New invitee high school students will receive their laptops through mail. There will be a basic training for the use of laptops for students.

Option Selection

Is there an option to have our keiki live with a host family on Oahu for just one semester, then return to boarding for the second? 

  • Yes, we are asking families to make semester-long commitments with their selection. At some point toward the end of the first semester, we will assess the situation and determine how to prepare for the second semester.  Depending on grade level and safety guidelines, students may select a different option for the second semester.  

Would our keiki be able to do distance learning semester 1, then once we can make arrangements, switch to day student with a host ‘Ohana for 2nd semester? 

  • Yes, we are asking families to make semester long commitments. At the semester,  a change can be made. We are allowing for a transition between options to find what works best for families.  

Is there an option for seniors to stay home for the 1st semester and return to boarding in 2nd semester? 

  • Yes, neighbor island senior families may change their selection for the second semester.At some point toward the end of the first semester, neighbor island seniors will be given the option to change their selection. Seniors will be the primary focus for boarding this year. 
  • We understand the difficult position families are in. Academic advising will be required for each student if they choose to attend a community school. Please be sure to meet with a counselor and administrator to review your individual academic path.  

Is there an option for students to attend their home district public school AND distance learning simultaneously?

  • No, students must choose between one of the three options. They must choose either distance learning -or- attending their home district public school.  

KS connect doesn’t have the necessary options for boarders 

  • The link in KS Connect is for the larger student body. There is a special process for boarding 'ohana because we have created a specially designed set of options for our boarding students. We invite all families to work closely with grade-level counselrs (high school) or the Dean of Student Well-Being (middle school) to consider each option and make their decision. 

If my child is placed on a waitlist, can they attend a school in our community while we are waiting?

Yes. If your student is on a waitlist at KS Hawaiʻi, they may attend a school in your community while you are waiting to hear back from KS Hawaiʻi.

If students elect to attend a local school, can they still take KSK classes via distance learning (electives and languages?)

This is a possiblity based on enrollment. More information will be provided in early August.

Can a boarder switch back and forth from day student to distance learner?

Students will be asked to make a choice by July 9th. They will have to stick with this decision through the semester due to credit requirements. At the second semester we will reevaluate and students will be given the opportunity to change if they would like.


Are masks provided for day students? Or are there guidelines if we need to purchase our own?

  • We will be providing 5 masks for each student attending face-to-face classes. Masks will be considered part of their uniform. 

What if we opt out of taking the vaccine? Will my child not be allowed to become a boarder in the future? 

  • If the vaccine is deemed a required vaccine by the state or federal government, then students will be required to take it. If it is not deemed a required vaccine, we will not force students to take it.  Please contact our  Mālama Ola division for questions about vaccinations.


Will new students receive laptops? 

  • Each kula (school level) will determine and communicate their roll-out of computers for the fall, considering safety guidelines.  
  • There will be multiple roll-in dates depending on grade level and whether the student is in Summer School. 
  • 7th graders who have loaner laptops will be mailed replacements.  When laptops are shipped directly to families’ homes, there must be an adult present to sign for the laptop.  
  • 8th graders will keep their current laptop and will be remotely updated/reimaged.  

Who do we contact to get our student’s assigned laptop if we choose the DL option? 

  • As part of our computer laptop roll-in, we will switch all loaners with an assigned computer for the year. We will work with families that have wi-fi issues to find viable solutions.  

Will there be on-island tech support for distance learners? Follow-up Question: In the event laptops don’t work, will we need to wait for loaners to be sent from Oʻahu? 

  • We will work with each region to determine additional supports for technology needs. 
  • Please notify your school administration about connectivity needs and/or problems as soon as possible.  
  • Middle and high school administrators will be communicating directly with families with regards to computer roll-out. 
  • Our technology department is also working on ways to update laptops and provide support remotely.  More information will be provided.

My child has their computer since they came home in March. Is there anything we will need to do with the laptop?

  • Each school is planning their roll-in and roll-out of laptops. Embedded in those plans is the assurance that your child will not be without a laptop. We are currently working through these plans and the schools will share this information with families as soon as it is available. 

Will instructions for laptop roll-in be sent to students or parents?

  • Yes, instructions to return laptop will be sent to parents.


Are we able to transfer our student to KS Hawaiʻi? 

  • KS Hawaiʻi is currently over-enrolled.  Students requesting a transfer to KS Hawai’i will be placed on a waiting list.   
  • Seat availability will depend on space once students select distance learning or to the hybrid learning model.  
  • If you are considering a transfer to another campus, consult with your student’s counselor, vice principal and/or Dean of Student Well-Being (middle school) as soon as possible. 
  • We encourage all families who would like to transfer to KS Hawai’i to be prepared with an alternative plan should their student be unable to transfer. There is no guarantee that they will be accepted from the waitlist. 

Are we able to transfer our student to KS Maui next year? 

  • KS Maui has stated they are receiving additional students.  
  • A request to transfer is processed through your school’s counselor, vice principal and/or Dean of Student Well-Being (middle school).


What is the last date to apply for bus transportation for boarding ʻohana who elect Hybrid/Day school? 

  • Boarding students who become day students will be given priority for transportation support. 
  • The deadline to submit an application for bus transportation is July 9. Go to for more information and to submit an application for the bus.  You may also contact our Transportation department at 808-842-8329 if you have any questions. 

If our student decides to be a day student for the 2nd semester, will they have the opportunity to apply for bus transportation? 

  • Bus applications during the 2nd semester will be accommodated on a space available basis.  
  • Historically, bus ridership changes throughout the year as students' schedules change, etc.  Our current COVID19 protocols require us to utilize our buses at 50% capacity, we will also be utilizing an increased number of buses to accommodate our ridership. 

Will bus transportation be guaranteed for students becoming day students? 

  • Our transportation department will prioritize boarders to ensure they are at the top of the list. 

Will the application deadline be extended for us to continue to determine which learning option we want? 

  • The application for transportation will be extended for boarders to July 9.  Go to for more information and to submit an application for the bus.  You may also contact our Transportation department at 808-842-8329 if you have any questions. 

Might the KS bus schedule be modified to include areas closer to the school, say like the Kakaako area? 

  • Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to provide buses within the Honolulu area.   

Do the students have to use the bus stop in the area of their host family or can they use a different bus stop if it's more convenient for the host family? 

  • You may use a different KS bus stop that is more convenient for the host family.   
  • Please make sure you note that on your bus service application.  Contact our Transportation department at 808-842-8329 if you have any questions. 

Will there be bus transporation available to students who elect to become day students? And what are the bus routes?

Bus service is offered to KSK students that will be residing in the outlying areas of O'ahu. Outlying areas are defined as zip codes 96825 and any 967_ _. If the host family’s home residence is in our service area, bus stops and routes can be found in the bus application. The online application will be available through the KSK Transportation website at (

Bus applications are closed, will the deadline be extended for boarders who elect to be day students?

The application deadline has been extended until July 1st, 2020. Applications submitted after the July 1, 2020 (Friday) deadline, may be waitlisted until a seat becomes available.

Will there be financial assistance for boarders who elect to be day students in order to cover the bus fee?

We are currently exploring including transportation as part of the monthly boarder allowance for students who live with a host family on Oʻahu.

Will transportation be provided beyond Kaʻu (Ocean View) to Keaʻau campus if the student transfers to KS- H?

Nāʻalehu is the last stop in Kaʻū. Families would need to drive to/ from Kahuku (Ocean View) to Nāʻalehu on their own.


Will tuition be different for distance learning students? 

  • Distance learning tuition is the same as day student tuition. For grades 7-12, the tuition is $6,026 for the upcoming school year.

If we choose another KS campus. do we have to apply for financial aid for THAT campus? 

  • No, a new application is not needed. If your campus transfer is processed, Financial Aid will be notified so your financial aid award can be applied to your account accordingly.   


Do we need to purchase shorts and dress whites? 

  • Parents may hold off on purchasing dress whites for their child as large-scale gatherings during thte first semester may be modified and look different. High school administrators will let families know if/when they will be needed.

When will uniforms be required?  

  • Day students will be required to wear full uniforms to school every day 
  • Distance Learning students will be required to wear the uniform polo when they are participating virtually.  
  • When out in the community or participating in modified PE, students may dress appropriately in line with student handbook. 

Will there be an option to purchase uniforms mid-year?  

  • We are currently working with Lands End to arrange uniform purchases mid-year.

Will they need to wear uniforms to the Learning centers? 

  • Students will be expected to dress appropriately and be aligned with expectations in the student handbook. Additonal details will be communicated as we get closer to the start of the year.

Will uniforms be required for distance learning?

Yes students must wear their polos when they are on Zoom or in online classes where video conferencing is taking place. Day students will be required to be in full uniform, including masks, when on campus for face-to-face instruction.

Boarding Program FAQ

Will boarders have weekend privileges?

There will be a separate meeting for seniors and their families to address these specific questions.

Will the senior boarder meeting be held prior to July 9?

A meeting for seniors and their families will be held before July 9. If you did not receive the appointment in your email, please contact the boarding office so we can get you that information.

Hybrid for boarders (seniors), their “off campus” means they’ll be in their dorms?

In our hybrid model for high school, on days when boarder seniors are not in a face-to-face class, an academic space will be provided that will be staffed to provide academic support and supervision. If boarders must remain in their dorms on their distance learning days, we will ensure that appropriate supervision/supports are available to them in the dorms.

How should my student make selections regarding their academic plan for next year?

Families are encouraged to meet with academic counselors as soon as possible to ensure they have the right academic plan. Families can reach out directly to their grade-level counselors to plan appropriately to look at the best path forward.

Is there assurance that we will bring back boarding?

We have a strong commitment to our boarding ʻohana and moving toward the future, and see this as an opportunity to imagine ways to elevate our program. We will be using this time to prepare our program for when we can safely bring all our students back.

Since there are so many empty dorm rooms, any possibility to designate a floor or section that parents can rent while parents attend student athletic or other student events? Or if there is a Covid-19 case to quarantine?

Ensuring that our neighbor island boarding seniors can participate in the boarding program will be our primary focus this year.  While the dorms will have reduced capacities, we will not be able to open them up to anyone else at this time.

How will they get their personal items back?

All students' items are being packed up and will be ready to ship at the end of summer.  We will email parents when we are ready to ship.  At this time, ʻohana can also plan to pick up items if your student will be a day student.  More information will be forthcoming.

Dormitory Structure

Will my senior have the same dorm advisors and/or placed in their respective dorm?

The boarding staffing plan has not been finalized. While it is our desire to place students with the same Dorm Advisor and in the same dorm, we cannot guarantee it at this point.

How many students will be in each cohort?

Each cohort, or group, will have approximately 10 students, with the possibility of 6-8 students depending on the final numbers. Dormitories will be operating as cohorts and seniors will operate and function solely in their cohort. All meals and activities will happen within the cohort. Cohorts will not be able to mingle.

How will students know what cohort they will be in?

Placement will be based on the total enrollment in the boarding program. ʻOhana will be informed when placements have been made -- sometime after July 9th.

Residential Social Life

What will boarding life be like?

The boarding program is undergoing a redesign process taking into account COVID-19 parameters and required procedures. We will share the details of our plan with families as soon as we are able to.

How will off-campus requests be handled?

Currently, off-campus activities will not be allowed.

How will common weekends be handled?

We anticipate travel being handled in the same manner as this past school year. Boarding will continue to make travel arrangements for those who have a travel agreement on file with Boarding.

Will boarders be allowed to use the courts on campus?

Students will be required to stay within their dorm cohort. They will need to follow safety guidelines and social distancing practices.

Will there be pilina building activities available to boarders?

Connections and pilina are so important and we are looking for ways to maintain these connections while we are physically apart. Activities will potentially be made available within individual cohorts.

The Decision to Open to Only Senior Boarders

Why couldn’t this option be made available to Oʻahu boarders? Why are only neighor island seniors given the option to return?

The decision to reduce the number of boarders was a difficult one to come to. The decision to allow only neighbor island seniors to return was twofold:

  • Assessing the number of boarders we can safely cohort in a dormitory (according to CDC and state recommendations)
  • Oʻahu seniors have 2 options:
    • To become day students
    • To attend school through distance learning

While dormitory cohorts are not risk-free, reducing our numbers is one way to mitigate this risk as it reduces the potential for transmission.

Is it possible to fill in the space with Juniors if the seniors that choose not to go back?

There are currently no plans to fill spaces of seniors (who may decline coming back to campus) with juniors (or any other underclassmen)

Reopening & Returning to Boarding

Is there a possibility of boarders coming back in January 2021?

The decision to reopen will be dependant on multiple factors with the primary factor being the creation and availability of a vaccine. Only then will we be closer to safely opening boarding to everyone again. The decision to limit boarding was very difficult to come to as the safety and well-being of our students, is our highest concern. We want to open up at full capacity once it is safe to do so.

Will my child’s space be held so they can automatically return to boarding when it opens?

If the option to defer and return next year is chosen, KS will automatically hold your child’s spot and there is no need to re-test. Students will need to complete and submit an Option to Return (OTR) contract with KS Kapālama to ensure they are on the pathway to graduate when they return.

If the option to become a day student is chosen, status as a boarder will be reinstated when boarding reopens.

Retrieving Belongings

How will Lānai boarders receive their belongings?

We will ship student’s belongings to Lānaʻi. Once items have arrived, families will receive a call that their boxes have arrived. Arrangements will be made to deliver items to your home.

Are families able to go to the dorms to pick up the packed boxes of our children’s items?

Pick-up and shipping options are still being arranged. All items will be packed up over the summer and will be available for pickup at the end of July. Please contact the boarding office for pick up information.

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