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Kamehameha Schools Kapālama Hope Kahu Barrett Awai KSK’88 reminds us that although things may look bleak, we must have faith so that we might give strength to others – the same faith that Moses had when he led the Israelites out of Egypt and across the Red Sea.

Weekly devotional: Trust in ke Akua provides strength to others in need

Sept. 13, 2020

  • KS Kapālama Hope Kahu Barrett Awai KSK’88

Ka Ipu o Lono shares weekly devotionals to provide spiritual enrichment to members of the Kamehameha Schools ‘ohana. For more inspiration, visit the KS “Our faith” website.


Heluhelu Baibala

E nā hoahānau ē, ʻaʻole oʻu makemake, e
naʻaupō ʻoukou i nā kūpuna o kākou. Ma
loko o ke ao lākou a pau, a pau nō hoʻi
lākou i ka hele ma waena o ke kai;
-Korineto I 10:1



I don’t want you to forget, dear brothers
and sisters, about our ancestors in the
wilderness long ago. All of them were
guided by a cloud that moved ahead of
them, and all of them walked through the
sea on dry ground.
- I Corinthians 10:1

He manaʻo o ke kahu

Too many times in life we face obstacles, roadblocks, or even dead ends. When we come across these challenges, we contemplate, doubt, or maybe even quit at times. When the Israelites came to the Red Sea, it was their dead end. They were facing death for sure. They were scared, anxious, angry and probably cried out, “Why me?”

Moses remained obedient and dependent on ke Akua to once again provide a way! Yes, His way was not to turn back and surrender, not try go another direction, but to go right through it! He opened the sea through His one obedient, faithful alakaʻi lawelawe (servant leader)! The rest is history! God provided the “dry land” to victory and fulfilled His promise!

Right now, things may look bleak. This pandemic has got us caught in a number of emotions: anger, frustration, fear, caution, weariness and even bewilderment that others are not taking the proper precautions to keep themselves and those around them safe. It has caused many to lose hours at work or maybe even their jobs. Resources have grown scarce. That huge wall of water stands before us. Do we cower and hide, or do we look for dry land, wherever we can find it?

No matter what direction you are heading, make sure it is ke Akua’s way for you because even when there may be “pandemics” in your way, He will provide you with “dry land!” Even more exciting in the hana we do, we can be that one who ke Akua Mana Loa is using to lead others to their promised land! Let us keep the faith so that we might give strength to others.

For more personal study read Exodus chapter 14 and 1 Corinthians chapter 10.

  1. What trial(s) did you have in 2020?
  2. How did God provide dry land in that trial?
  3. What victory did you learn from that experience?

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