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Despite the overwhelming times we are currently living in, Romans 15:5-6 serves as a reminder that it is ke Akua that gives us the perseverance and encouragement to be able to move forward together.

Weekly devotional: It’s a kākou thing

Jun. 19, 2020

  • KS Maui Kahu Kalani Wong

Heluhelu Baibala

A na ke Akua nona mai ke ahonui, a me
ka hōʻoluʻolu ʻana, e hāʻawi iā ʻoukou i
manaʻo like kekahi me kekahi ma muli o
Kristo Iesū: I hoʻonani aku ʻoukou me
ka lōkahi o ka manaʻo, a me ka leo
hoʻokahi i ke Akua, i ka Makua hoʻi o ko
kākou Haku ʻo Iesū Kristo.- Roma 15:5-6


Now may the God who gives
perseverance and encouragement grant
you to be of the same mind with one
another according to Christ Jesus,
so that with one accord you may with one
voice glorify the God and Father of our
Lord Jesus Christ. - Romans 15:5-6

He manaʻo o ke kahu

This season of life that we are in can be tiring and overwhelming. How can one keep going with the emotional drain of sheltering in place, the fear of catching the virus, or not having the support that physical contact provides?

It can be overwhelming when you think it’s just you in this situation, however, it is not. This scene is being played around the world. It’s a kākou thing, we are in this ALL together.

So how do we holomua? Our way forward can be found in Romans 15:5-6 where Paul reminds us that ke Akua gives us ke ahonui, a me ka hōʻoluʻolu ʻana, the perseverance and encouragement, to be able to move forward. Whether it’s through the encouragement of the scriptures or from uplifting words of another, they are ultimately from ke Akua. This soothing of our souls gives us manaʻolana, hope.

This manaʻolana is not just for us but since we are in this together, we are to inspire one another, by being of one mind. As we are able to come together, and find support and encouragement from one another, we can all rise above our situation and flourish. So let us spur one another on in love, and we will get through this time together.

Points to ponder this week,

1. Who has provided you ke ahonui, a me ka hōʻoluʻolu ʻana, the perseverance and encouragement in your faith life? Let him/her/them know how much that has meant to you. Bonus points:  How have those words of encouragement that were shared with you been passed on to others?

2. Who do you need to share words of perseverance and encouragement with? Try to reach out to two or three people today, lifting them up.

3. Take a look at this same passage from The Passion Translation. How does this enrich how you see this passage? Now may God, the source of great endurance and comfort, grace you with unity among yourselves, which flows from your relationship with Jesus, the Anointed One. Then, with a unanimous rush of passion, you will with one voice glorify God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

4. Did you know kākou includes Iesū? The parable in Matthew 25:31-46 depicts ka Haku looking at our lives and saying, “Whatever you have done or did not do, you did or did not do to me.” How does this serve to motivate you to reach out to others?

5. Given where we are in this point in time with race relations, how can we expand our concept of kākou? As we look at the impact of the pandemic, how can we be of one mind with all those who have suffered financially, emotionally, and spiritually, beyond praying for them? Reach out in real ways to make a difference in your community, your island, our world.

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