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Setting healthy New Year’s resolutions with your keiki

Jan. 15, 2020

Learning how to set and achieve goals is a necessary life skill for success. Many of us ring in the new year by making resolutions, however studies show that only about 8% of us achieve our goals!

One way to help assure that you reach your goals is to set them with others. And who better to make a fresh start with than your keiki? Sharing a new year’s resolution with your kids shows them how they can make step-by-step positive change, including setting, attaining and sustaining goals.
5 steps to successful family goal-setting

  1. Make a resolution together. Brainstorm ideas and work together to decide on the details. When everybody has a say in the resolution, you’ll all feel more excited to work on your goal.
  2. Keep it simple. When kids are involved, it’s important to keep resolutions simple and attainable so keiki feel capable of learning new habits. Set a goal of adding just one daily activity that will lead to a healthier lifestyle.
  3. Decide on a way to measure your success. Make your goals measurable so that you can tell whether or not you’re succeeding. If you and your keiki want to read more, set a goal of reading a chapter of a book or a single picture book per day. 
  4. Be a role model. Let your child see you enthusiastically participating in your family goal – even if the activities feel childlike. If your goal is to exercise more, then jump rope alongside your keiki!
  5. Enjoy the journey. Explore fun and creative ways to reach your goals. Choose your fruits and veggies by the colors of the rainbow or schedule a weekly visit to the library to pick out a new set of books!

More examples of family New Year’s resolutions:

  • Do an active indoor or outdoor activity together for 15 minutes every day.
  • Have a family game night after dinner once a week.
  • Have a “sunny and stormy” bedtime conversation with your keiki where you share something exciting and something disappointing from your day.
  • Have a piece of fruit with breakfast every morning.
  • Eat a vegetable with lunch and dinner daily.
  • Drink 6-8 cups of water a day.

Making New Year’s resolutions can be part of a cherished family tradition leading to bonding time and fun! The Mālama Ola team wishes you and yours a healthy and happy 2020!


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