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In collaboration with the local utilities and industry, Kamehameha Schools is the first private school to utilize Hawaiian Electric’s Real-Time Monitoring program at its campuses and select properties.

New KS energy monitoring system to serve as an education tool

Mar. 20, 2019

With global climate change concerns, statewide clean energy targets identified under the Aloha+ Challenge, and a new enterprise strategic energy management plan, Kamehameha Schools is using new tools to inform its campuses and properties on energy use, and how daily changes and future design decisions can lead to efficient energy usage.  Over the years, KS has installed utility submeters and PV systems with separate applications to track and monitor energy. These new devices will now provide real-time monitoring of energy and solar power.

In addition to KS’ energy plan, the organization’s work to lay a sustainability-based foundation for future generations includes sustainability targets set by stakeholders at each site or department.  The energy, water, waste, aina, and emissions targets are selected to ensure KS is aligning with and contributing to statewide and global sustainability goals.

“Working in collaboration with the local utilities and industry, we are excited to be installing real-time monitoring and advanced analytics system called PowerScope at our campuses and other properties to help see and manage our electric and solar power use,” said Alison Leary, director of Operations Support at KS Kapālama. “Much like a doctor using a heart monitor to check a patient, PowerScope will enable us to maintain a pulse-check on campus conditions”

A PowerScope is a smart tool that displays real-time information and interactive graphics on energy use and solar power generation, which allows campus operations to quickly troubleshoot when energy usage is too high. The tool also enables teachers and students to serve as “energy detectives,” uncovering invisible energy consumption to inform future plans and actions.

As one of the founding members of the Hawai‘i Green Growth (HGG) network, KS is helping to guide the development of a more sustainable, resilient Hawai‘i via the Aloha+ Challenge: He Nohona ‘Ae‘oia – A Culture of Sustainability.

KS partnered with Hawaiian Electric Companies and Stem, Inc., a California-based company that pairs artificial intelligence with advanced storage systems.KS’ operations staff across the three campuses worked with the partners to install new sensors known as PowerMonitors on electrical equipment and solar power systems on campus.

KS’ next steps are to roll out the PowerScope curriculum to educators, so they can incorporate the new tools into their lesson plans.Industry teams and utilities will help to support hands-on training, sharing educational material with teachers and campus operations so they can begin to use these smart tools in the classroom.In application, these tools will help to inform the organization to be good grid citizens and will offer practical skillsets for our keiki to learn and contribute on campus and beyond.

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