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An overview look at high schools learning models for the 1st semester of the 2020-2021 school year.

HS Educational Choices

Jul. 2, 2020

Me ke aloha nui e nā ‘ohana o ke kula kiʻekiʻe –

I hope this message finds you all in good health and spirits.  Blessings upon you all during this kauwela – summer period.

I first recognize and mahalo you all for the aloha and patience during the 4th quarter of the 2019-2020 school year.  It was a most challenging time for many of us – but we worked diligently and with respect and aloha to keep our children at the forefront to finish the school year the best that your child, and we, could.  On May 23, 2020, we graduated 139 members of the 15th graduating class of Kamehameha Schools Hawaiʻi.  They now join over 2,000 individuals as part of our Kamehameha Schools Hawaiʻi alumni since the 1stgraduating class of 2006.  With a virtual commencement and a celebratory drive through, we recognized the work, the accomplishments, and the aloha of our Class of 2020!  E ola e Hīhīmanuakāne!

We continue our work as a campus and as a high school division in preparing for the reopening of the 2020-2021 school year.  ‘Ike i ke au nui me ke au iki.  Know the large and small currents.  Indeed the small components within the larger picture of reopening campus are important so that educational continuity can occur in August.  With the work of our campus leaders, operations, enterprise, and high school personnel, we continue to work diligently to ensure that we will be able to move safely with aloha and pono on all aspects for one’s presence on campus. 

As this will be one of a few more emails from me this summer regarding the reopening of the school year, for the purpose of this email, let me speak on the educational models for high school as you received a campus email regarding ‘ohana election of educational model choice.

Educational Model

With the global pandemic still present, we now know a little more now than when it first broke out in March for our island that resulted in our entire school being placed into distance learning.  With the on-going work of safety procedures to be put in place including safety mask and eye glasses, establishing sanitizing stations in classrooms and throughout campus, shifting learning spaces to be CDC aligned, outdoor walking areas, etc., last week ‘ohana were given an opportunity to elect their choice on KS Connect of educational instruction they would like for their child beginning in August.  So let me share more on these choices.

Distance Learning

For ‘ohana that marked DISTANCE LEARNING on KS Connect, once confirmed that this is what ‘ohana and keiki would like, a course schedule will be created for your child through one of our university and educational partners.  These courses will not be taught by KS kumu.  Students will work remotely from home with all on-line courses.  The course schedule will be designed to ensure meeting of KS graduation requirements.  If they work remotely from home and want to play sports - 'ohana will need to arrange transportation to and from school.  This of course is depending on the start of athletics sports which has yet to be determined.  Be mindful that if you elect Distance Learning, students are expected to remain in distance learning for the 1st semester (August-December 2020).

On-Campus:  Face-To-Face / Hybrid

For ‘ohana that choose to have their child to return to campus, students will have a choice of all FACE-TO-FACE classes or a HYBRID of both Face-To-Face and On-Line courses.  You do NOT need to do anything with KS Connect for FACE-TO-FACE or HYBRID.  Of course, while on campus, all safety precautions including facemask, glasses, and social distancing must be adhered to and where appropriate.

  • With FACE-TO-FACE, all classes will be done in the presence of a Kamehameha Schools teacher. 
  • For HYBRID, students have a combination of face-to-face classes and on-line courses.  They will be on campus for Face-To-Face classes (i.e. English, Social Studies, Math, etc.).   In addition with the hybrid model, on-line courses with one of our university partners (dual credit) can also be chosen.  They will be assigned an educational center on campus where they will report to so they are able to work with their on-line university teacher.  They will remain in the educational center to minimize the movement on campus or request early release (student drivers)/pick-up by 'ohana if 'ohana and administration approved.
  • For the hybrid, a list of on-line courses through our university partners (similar to summer school courses) will be made available prior to MINI-REGISTRATION on August 6, 2020 to allow students to make changes in their schedule.
  • If they are on campus and in sports - they will remain in the educational centers until practice time.  Again this depends on the start and duration of athletics.
  • For students on-campus, breakfast and lunch will be served in assigned serving locations on-campus in addition to Keawe Dining Hall.

I hope this answers some of your questions, however, feel free to contact me at 982-0607 if you need further clarification.

I will update you further next week on procedural steps including dropping off and picking up of students, bussing, more on the educational centers at the high school (as indicated above), and more safety updates.

As per one of the emails that campus has sent out to ‘ohana – the first day of school for students is August 12, 2020 – whether you are in distance learning, face-to-face, or hybrid.

Blessings upon you all.  Me ke aloha a no ka pono o nā keiki.

Naʻu iho,

Na Kumu Lehua

M.Ed., M.EdAdmin, MBA

Poʻokumu – Principal, Kamehameha Schools Hawaiʻi
Kula Kiʻekiʻe – High School

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