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Get ready to apply

Found a job opening at Kamehameha Schools that you’re interested in? Here are some tips and information that hopefully will inspire you and help you get ready to apply.

Promote your personal brand

personal branding

[pərsənəl brændɪŋ]

noun, plural ‘personal brandings’

  1. the conscious and intentional effort to create and influence public perception of an individual by positioning them as an authority in their industry, elevating their credibility, and differentiating themselves from the competition, to ultimately advance their career, increase their circle of influence, and have a larger impact


Want to learn more about personal brands? Watch the podcast below and refer to this tip sheet.

Career Moves in 2021 and Beyond

Tahnee Sales, Director of Talent Acquisition at KS, shares advice for job seekers in this Ka Piko Podcast with Kyle Galdeira.


Don't have time to watch the whole podcast? Here are some key takeaways:

  • Advice for people currently unemployed: Think “what can I do to make this time productive for myself and benefit from it?” Learn a new skill and reconnect with people. Rediscover an interest or spark that you lost and establish your own personal brand (what are your values, who are you and what do you represent).
  • Updating your resume is the foundation to any job search. Your kuleana is to show employers what you bring to the table and your resume is your first impression! Don't include your picture but elevate what makes you unique and what attributes you can bring to the table.
  • Networking is key in Hawaiʻi — it's who you know. Leverage it because people in your network can provide you with a lot of valuable insight and perspective. Don't just leverage connections that you have, ask for other connections. Talk story — it makes people feel valued when you reach out to them.
  • Research the organization and/or department you are considering. KS and many other companies offer the option for jobseekers to subscribe to customized job alerts - it's a great way to keep informed of new opportunities as they arise.
  • Set yourself up for virtual interview success. Refer to the tip sheet on "Interview Tips and Suggestions" below.
  • Always bring your "A game" when interviewing. Even if you're interviewing with people you know, don't expect them to be aware of everything you are capable of or are interested in.


Cast a wide net

Don't forget to use online searches and to cast a wide but focused net with keywords and when exploring options. Here are some more tips and information geared to provide some inspiration and help you reel in your dream career. Good luck and happy fishing!

  • #GetHired: Resume Best Practices
    Check out this #GetHired Q&A session with Andrew Seaman, LinkedIn's News Editor for Job Seekers and Careers, and Chris Villanueva, founder of Let's Eat, Grandma, for resume writing strategies, best practices when changing careers, and more.
  • 240 Resume Words!
    Are the action verbs in your resume cliched and uninspiring? Rewriting your resume and struggling to find yet another synonym for “leadership” or “managed”? Here's a comprehensive list of replacements for overused resume buzz words, keywords that recruiters and hiring managers look for on resumes, and adjectives that effectively highlight your experience.
  • How to Prepare for a Virtual Job Fair
    Virtual is here to stay, are you ready to make the best of it? This article offers some great tips on what you can do to make yourself stand out as a candidate and to ace a virtual interview.
  • Interview Tips and Suggestions
    An interview is often the first impression that you make with a prospective employer. How do you make sure it's not also the last? KS Recruiters provide candidates with this helpful tip sheet but the guidance it provides can be applied to an interview with any employer. Find tips on how to prepare for and respond to interview questions as well as how to ensure virtual interview success.
  • Personal Branding: Tips to Strengthen and Showcase Your Skills
    Watch this Indeed Job Cast to learn how to take inventory of your skills, identify your strengths and weaknesses, decide which skills to showcase, and effectively communicate those skills to employers. It also includes pointers on how to position yourself as the ideal candidate by aligning your skills to a job description, the availability of useful tools such as Indeed Assessments and various methods to develop skills and obtain experience.
  • 20 steps to a better LinkedIn profile
    Invest in your personal brand with LinkedIn’s "20 steps to a better LinkedIn profile in 2020". Let people know who you are, what you stand for, and what you’re interested in. See how you can leverage your LinkedIn profile to successfully brand and market you.

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