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Survey Toolkit

Sample Surveys from Other Sources

We frequently use items, scales, or entire surveys that are publicly available in our own work. Links to some of these surveys are provided below:

  • Native Hawaiian Leadership Measure
    A survey developed to measure Native Hawaiian leadership characteristics of recent Hawaiian culture-based charter school graduates.
  • School Quality Survey
    Hawai‘i Department of Education survey that monitors perceptions of school quality on the part of faculty and staff, parents, and students.
  • High School Survey of Student Engagement
    A major national survey that measures school engagement for high school students.
  • Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale
    A frequently used scale measuring self-esteem in adolescents through adults. (Note: Some studies recommend that questions 5 and 8 be omitted when working with minority and indigenous populations.)
  • Phinney’s Multi-Ethnic Identity Measure (MEIM)
    A well-researched scale for measuring the strength of individuals’ affiliation with their ethnic heritage (Note: At Kamehameha Schools, we have used adaptations to the items to refer specifically to respondents affiliation with their Hawaiian ancestry and cultural heritage. To obtain a copy of the adapted items contact Kathy Tibbetts.)
  • Diener’s Life Satisfaction Survey
    A widely-used measure of life satisfaction among adults.
  • Guide for Construction Self-Efficacy Scales
    A discussion of the concept of self-efficacy and how it is measured, including examples of self-efficacy surveys developed by Albert Bandura.
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