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School Conditions and Academic Gains among Hawaiian Children: Identifying Successful School Strategies

The work presented here is the result of a collaborative project among the Hawai‘i Department of Education, Kamehameha Schools, and The Evaluation Center. This project studied school-level factors that influence academic achievement and performance of Native Hawaiian students in public schools in the state of Hawai‘i. The study focused on school-level instructional strategies, curricula, and policies that distinguished schools in terms of increases in test scores for their Native Hawaiian students.

(Note: This project was originally titled "Successful Schools for Hawaiians Study.")

Summary of Findings

Executive Summary and Key Themes

Additional materials were presented at the Successful Schools for Hawaiians luncheon on June 1, 2007.

Presentation (June 1, 2007)
Propositions Framing the SSHS
References for Propositions

Suggested Citation

Coryn, C. L. S., Schröter, D. C., Miron, G., Kana‘iaupuni, S. K., Tibbetts, K. A., Watkins-Victorino, L. M. & Gustafson, O. W. (2007). School Conditions and Academic Gains among Native Hawaiians: Identifying successful school strategies: Executive Summary and Key Themes. Kalamazoo: The Evaluation Center, Western Michigan University. Retrieved (date); from www.ksbe.edu/spi/reports.

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