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Technical Assistance
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Current Projects:
Project Project Description
Hawaiian Cultural Influences in Education Study on the effects of culture-based educational strategies on Hawaiian students.
Logic Model Assistance and Inventory Provide assistance in creating and updating logic models and maintain a current inventory of all CEI program logic models.
Nā Lau Lama Statewide collaborative to improve outcomes for Hawaiian students
Community Strengths Survey What is the impact of SP1 in the designated communities?
Alumni Survey Survey of KS alumni to determine how graduates of Kamehameha Schools are faring in their lives beyond high school
Student Asset Survey Survey of KS Student assets
PABS Student Surveys and Data Cleaning Survey of PABS students
YRBS Hawai'i Youth Risk Behavior Study conducted by Dr. Morris Lai
HMK Performance Measurement Kith and Kin Performance Monitoring System Who uses and provides Kith and Kin care in the Ho'omohala Kaiāulu target communities? How can KS support them?
Hawai'i Health Survey Questions (7i) Statewide baseline for childcare usage, parent training, preschool experience and kindergarten experience; Source - Hawai'i Health Survey 2005
Home Visiting Program Development Investigate the potential of HV strategy for ESP goal attainment, develop recommendations for MOA with ALU LIKE/PINK
Sustaining Momentum Literature Review ESP: Sustaining Momentum Literature Review
The effect of preschooling on children's school readiness Tracking KS and Head Start preschoolers using PABS data
Cultural Assessment Tools Review How can KS measure progress in perpetuating Native Hawaiian culture
Community Profiles (ESP) Inform PN-8 planning efforts with community level data
Teach for America Program Effectiveness What do we know about the effectiveness of the Teach for America program and what are the implications of using this program in struggling schools with a high proportion of Native Hawaiian students?
New Community Assessments How do we decide on the next set of ESP communities?
Project Project Description
Pauahi Keiki Scholars Program Evaluation Evaluate the impact of scholarship for preschoolers
Ho'okāko'o Evaluation Evaluate the impact of the Ho'okako'o program
Ho'olako Like Technical Assistance  
Ho'olako Like Evaluation Evaluate the impact of the Ho'olako Like schools
Kamehameha Scholars Program Evaluation This is a longitudinal evaluation (based on both outcomes & feedback) of the Kamehameha Schools project within the Extension Education Division
Literacy Enhancement Program Evaluation Evaluate impact of literacy enhancement program in SY 2005-06 and prepare for evaluation in SY 2006-07
Maui Laptop Project Evaluate the impact of the laptop project on the Maui campus and identify implications for other campuses and programs
Physics First Evaluation Evaluate the impact of physics first program and the Hawai'i campus and identify implications for other campuses.
Tracking Preschool Students in DOE (Grade 3, 2005-2006) Study the long-term impact of preschool programs (one-year and two-year) on students in Hawai'i public schools
ECL Annual Data Tracking Monitor preschool impact on students and provide timely information for program refinement
Child Assessment ESP Tracking ESP impact on Growth/Achievement Indicator
Extension Education Technical Assistance and Evaluation  
Hawai'i Campus Summerbridge Data Cleaning and Analysis  
Hawai'i Campus Summerbridge Surveys and Interviews/Summer School Evaluation  
K-12 Performance Report Provide ongoing analyses and reports of student achievement as measured by the CTP-4 tests, cross-sectional, longitudinal, and for selected subgroups
Maui Campus After-School Program  
Student Indicators of Success - Achievement Database Pilot Phase Database
FADC and Post High Counseling Technical Assistance and Evaluation Assist the Post High Counseling Department to set up a program monitoring and evaluation system and revise the existing database for tracking and reporting
After Graduation Plans Survey What are the after-graduation plans of the members of the classes of 2006?
DOE: Measurement for programs  
Hi'ilani Program Formative Study Provide technical assistance and monitor program progress
Technical Assistance
Project Project Description
ESP: KS Program Inventory Development of database with baseline information on all major KS activities and programs
'Āina Ulu Technical Assistance and Evaluation Assist project managers to collect common and essential data for reporting and conduct formative evaluation for project components
Admissions Instrumentation Technical Assistance GPA Rubric
Hawai'i Campus Self-Study Accreditation Parent, Student and Staff Surveys
Nohona Hawai'i Survey What is the effectiveness of Nohona Hawai'i on our campuses?
Student Tracking System ESP Create comprehensive system that collects contact and demographic information on learners; track participation in programs; disseminate information; identify appropriate programs for learner
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