Frequently Asked Questions

While the initiative and its projects are still being developed, here are some answers to questions regarding the vision for the learning community and for the initiative as a whole.


  1. What is Ka Pua? Is it a learning center?
    Ka Pua is more than just a single site. It is a long-term inititative which seeks to increase the intergenerational impact of Pauahi's legacy to children, families and communities on the Wai‘anae Coast. It is a multi-strategy, multi-project undertaking to strengthen educational opportunities and community wellbeing.
  2. What is Ka Pua's vision?
    Ka Pua's vision emerges from the voices of residents and the dozens of efforts to improve educational outcomes. The vision is:

    All children on the Wai‘anae Coast are connected to place, supported in their learning and succeeding as tomorrow's local and global leaders.
  3. Why the Wai‘anae Coast?
    The Wai‘anae Coast contains seven of the 10 census tracts with the largest number of native Hawaiians. There have also been consistently low statistics of student achievement. It's because of those two reasons why the Wai‘anae Coast was chosen as the first destination for this inititative. Acknowledging the need to extend Kamehameha Schools' reach for maximum impact with Native Hawaiian students, we believe that working within the community where Hawaiians reside to strengthen schools and other educational providers will not only serve Hawaiian families, but will help to lift the level of education and well-being for the entire community.
  4. What kind of community outreach has been done?
    Since 2010, Ka Pua team members have been out in the community learning from kupuna and other members about the vast and rich history and resources on the Wai‘anae Coast. In 2012, a series of open community forums were hosted in 2012 that engaged hundreds of community residents in focused conversations on educational programming. More recently in 2013, Ka Pua team members have met with the Nānākuli-Mā‘ili Neighborhood Board and the Wai‘anae Neighborhood Board Education Committee. Community engagement is a non-negotiable part of this process and outcome. As this initiative continues to progress, additional opportunities to gather mana‘o and share plans will be made available.
  5. What is the timeline for the Learning Center development?
    An overall Education Program Plan for the Ka Pua Initiative on the Wai‘anae Coast was completed in December of 2012. Programs and planning to support moving the vision of Ka Pua forward continue to be implemented. Plans for building learning centers on the Wai‘anae Coast are on-going, with the current focus of on the Kamehameha Community Learning Center (KCLC) at Mā‘ili. Current plans anticipate programming available to the community within 2-3 years. The first programs at the KCLC Mā‘ili will include preschool facilities, an infant-toddler care center and other early childhood education and administrative support facilities. The first phase currently being considered are spaces for early education and teacher training. Sign up for the Ka Pua in Action update for project announcements and schedules.
  6. Who will be able to use the Learning Center? Is this project for Hawaiians only?
    All children, educators and other social service providers on the Leeward Coast will be able to access the Community Learning Centers. As suggested by its name, these facilities are intended as a community resource.
  7. I have heard the term "P-20" mentioned several times with regard to the Kamehameha Schools project. What is P-20?
    Hawaii P-20 Partnerships for Education is a statewide partnership that is working to strengthen the education pipeline from early childhood (prenatal) through higher education (level 20).
  8. I have an idea of what kinds of programs should be available at the site. How can I share my mana‘o on this?
    Program specifics are still to be determined, and community input is welcomed. If you are interested in sharing your mana‘o, we would be glad to take your name and contact information now so we can set up an appointment with you. E-mail
  9. Will this be a full K-12 Kamehameha Schools campus?
    No. The Learning Community will house and provide educational services and support to a broader range of learners on the Wai‘anae Coast. Kamehameha Schools will be one program and service provider, and there will be many others involved as well.