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Hi‘ilani creates opportunities for parents and children to learn and develop together through a series of classes arranged around a topic. 

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Baby Massage encourages ‘ohana to interact with their babies through nurturing touch.

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Hi‘ilani provides a family-friendly environment that honors parents and families as the primary care givers and educators of their children.

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Classes are offered in Mā‘ili, O‘ahu, Ko‘olau, O‘ahu, Kaua‘i and East Hawai‘i.

Hiʻilani is an early childhood family education program that serves children prenatal to 36 months of age and their families. Hiʻilani offers small group regularly scheduled classes and activities during mornings, mid-days and evenings throughout the year. These classes focus on strategies, tools and techniques that promote preschool readiness and well-being through positive parent-child interactions including:

  • Parent and child interaction classes
  • Prenatal classes
  • Family activities
  • Early childhood screening and referral
  • Individual consultation

A child’s first 3 years are a critical time during which they begin the development of emotional stability, physical health and development, cognitive skills, problem solving skills and social competence.

Hiʻilani’s mission to promote preschool readiness and intergenerational change while focusing on quality interactions between the child, ʻohana and the community is key to the program’s success. Hiʻilani believes in:

  • Providing culturally and individually sensitive early childhood family education services to promote healthy and secure parent-child relationships;
  • Providing a family-friendly environment that honors parents and families as the primary care givers and educators of their children;
  • Creating opportunities for parents and children to learn and develop together;
  • Providing parents and families with opportunities to build parent skills, knowledge and confidence;
  • Working in partnership with community groups and support services to strengthen family support systems within the community.

Registration is accepted year round and classes are free. Kamehameha Schools’ preference policy is not applied for this program.

To enroll in classes, contact the following Hi‘ilani programs for more information:

41-235 Ilauhole Street
Waimānalo, HI 96795
Phone: (808) 534-8927

Hiʻilani-Community Learning Center at Mā‘ili
Early Learning Kauhale
87-790 Kulauku St. 
Waiʻanae, HI  96792
Phone: (808) 843-9607

Hiʻilani-East Hawaiʻi
42 Kinoʻole Street
Hilo, HI 96720
Phone: (808) 969-3883

Hiʻilani Kauaʻi
3170-A Jerves Street
Līhuʻe, HI 96766
Phone: (808) 245-3897

Hiʻilani Classes

Each class consists of 5-10 meetings.

Infant Massage (Newborn-8 months)
Baby Massage encourages families to interact with their young babies through nurturing touch. This series helps families to focus on their babies’ cues and the best times to stimulate learning.

Baby Milestones (6-10 months)
Baby Milestones provides families with a general understanding of development including crawling, pulling up and the impact of such development (like safety issues) on the family. The class also includes activities that help babies grow within each developmental area.

Floor Time (11-16 months)
Floor Time helps families recognize their child’s temperament, how that temperament impacts the family and ways to play at the child’ s level in order to minimize future power struggles.

Child Guidance - PCA (14-20 months)
Child Guidance helps families recognize their child’s developmental need to be independent while providing strategies for positive guidance as opposed to verbal or physical punishment.

Socialization- Let’s Get Together (18-26 months)
Let’s Get Together is designed to help toddlers learn early socialization and friendship skills while working with families to create appropriate expectations around group play.

Transitions - Off to Preschool (24-36 months)
Off to Preschool encourages young children to feel comfortable and confident going into preschool by providing exposure to common preschool experiences. In addition this series works with families to identify common questions and concerns related to entering community preschools or childcare centers.

Partners in Parenting Education – P.I.P.E. (Multiage)
Partners in Parenting Education was created to promote positive relationships with strong emotional ties between primary caregivers and their infant/toddler, thereby enhancing social and emotional competence in the child.

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