Career Professionals Network

The Kamehameha Schools’ Career Professional Network (CPN) was created to provide college students a comfortable platform for professional networking.  Through CPN services and activities, students are given the opportunity to connect and gain knowledge from experts in their field of interest, giving them the opportunity to make good career choices.

CPN Professionals can help students increase their knowledge and skills, as well as helping them to become more attractive to potential employers, once they enter the workforce.  The students also benefit from building a network of contacts, connecting their education to the workforce, increasing comfort in a work environment, making informed career decisions, and understanding workplace expectations. 

Services include:

  • Information Interview - A scheduled meeting in which a student seeks advice on their career, the industry, and/or the corporate culture of a future workplace.
  • Mock Interview - This is a good way for students to prepare for an actual employment interview.  It allows students to practice how to present themselves and can lower the anxiety one has when going through the interview process. 
  • Resume Review - Professionals provide general and industry specific information to students to help them organize and prepare a competitive resume. 

To become a CPN member, email or call (808) 534-8280

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