Aʻo Makua Distance Learning

The Aʻo Makua enrichment program provides parents, caregivers and other adults the opportunity to reconnect with and share the Hawaiian culture and language with their ‘ohana through monthly, online courses. Participants become part of a virtual community of learners while learning about their cultural heritage.

The course helps its participants discover Hawaiian values, traditions and practices in the comfort of their own home and at their own pace. It provides acces to culturally relevant resources to share with their ‘ohana, while also sharing ideas, resources and experiences with that virtual community.
The Aʻo Makua courses are organized following a cultural framework symbolized by parts of a growing tree. They are:

  • Ka Mole (the root) – This section includes ancestral knowledge which builds a foundation to grow from.
  • Ke Kumu (the trunk) – This section gives contemporary knowledge and allows the learner to make a connection to what they are learning.
  • Ka Hua (the fruit) – This section allows the learner to take what has been learned and shart it with their ‘ohana.

The goals of the program are to provide:

  • Culturally-based learning opportunities worldwide via a self-paced online environment
  • Access to culturally-relevant resources to share with ‘ohana
  • A virtual community where learners can share ideas, resources and experiences related to Hawaiian culture

All A‘o Makua courses require learners to have reliable access to a computer with Internet connection.

The program is open to anyone ages 18 or older. There is a registration fee of $25. Upon successful completion of a course, discounts will be given on future course offerings to encourage continued participation. There are group discounts available to groups of at least 25 people.

Please e-mail aomakua@ksbe.edu for more details. Registration is done online at http://ksdl.ksbe.edu/adult/registration.html.

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