Post-high Programs

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After finishing high school, many graduates choose to further their education in a community college or university; and many others enter the working world. Some of those adults may decide to go back to school to earn a degree that will help them advance in their careers.

Kamehameha Schools connects college students and adults to scholarship opportunities, programs and services in their communities and beyond.

1) Select the island where you’d like to find a program or service in this age group.

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My child or I would like to …

ʻĀina Ulu image

… learn about the ʻāina and participate in stewardship activities.

Aʻo Kumu Distance Learning image

...acquire 21st century teaching skills with a focus on Hawaiian culture-based learning.

Aʻo Makua Distance Learning image

… learn more about Hawaiian history, culture and language using your computer.

Career Professionals Network image

… network with professionals and learn more about careers.

First Nations' Futures Program image

… learn more about servant leadership and capacity building within Native Hawaiian communities.

Kahaluʻu Manowai Education Group image

… learn more about heiau restoration and the cultural resources in Keauhou.

Kamehameha Publishing Book Club - Hui Moʻolelo image

… read more about Hawaiian culture and get a discount on books.

Ke Aliʻi Pauahi Foundation Scholarships image

… find out more about scholarships offered from the Ke Aliʻi Pauahi Foundation.

Post-High School Scholarships image

… apply for scholarships offered by Kamehameha Schools.